To Blave or Not to Blave

I’ve concluded that it’s high time people learned some email etiquette.
And is a cathouse gal the one to learn manners from? Apparently so.
Surely, someone… somewhere… has broached this subject (is it alright if I call you Shirley?) BUT it must have fallen on deaf ears… er… fingers. The refined practice of proper emailing has proved to be elusive. Let’s see if we can tip the scales a bit.

It’s not hard to apply some sensibility to our emailing practices. Simply consider the time restraints and possible personal views of your proposed “audience.” I don’t know who it is that sits around with enough time to sift through twenty-plus emails a day, but it ain’t me! If I see mail that has that tell-tale “RE: RE: RE: And Baby Makes Three!” type of message in the subject line… I often delete it without reading. I’m gonna guess (somewhat educatedly) that I’m not alone in that action. If you are someone who notoriously sends such FORWARDS, then I sometimes delete it without even bothering to read the subject line! Easy rule. If you find yourself pushing the “forward” button… STOP! The “forward” function was not invented to give you an easy way to feign communication. It’s to be used SPARINGLY. If you have been sent a story or joke and you just CANNOT keep from sharing it… then copy and paste it into a message. Then select addresses to send it to, considering them personally. Honestly, there are some people with differing political AND spiritual views from yours. And if you really want to be correct about it, send it to one address at a time, mentioning something about why you thought they, specifically, might get a kick out of it.

A message to the receiving end. When you receive an email that you like, respond. Even if it’s just a joke. I rarely send out those things, but if I do, I like to know that you enjoyed it. Not a long response, and not even EVERY time… just a “funny… I liked that” or such. If I never get a response, I will stop sending, because I will conclude that you are not enjoying the messages. Not because I want to punish you, or that I’m offended. If you like it, I hear from you… if not, I don’t. Conversely, if you are in the habit of sending me jokes and stories and NEVER get a response from me, it’s likely that I’m not reading them. And it’s probably pissing me off that I never receive a personal message from you.

Chain letters. These are the most ill mannered things to come down the pike yet! Promising good luck, threatening bad luck… promising answers to prayers, fulfilled dreams and wishes, if we follow the “chain” rules….threatening the loss of those things if we don’t…are we using 21st century technology to nurture 16th century ideas?

Truly, it’s a lazy man’s world. I’m all for laziness. If you just want to scan, forward, scan, forward, scan, forward and be done with your correspondence for the day, then go for it… you’re quite effectively accomplishing that! But just know, it’s not impressing anyone. I have a large number of intelligent and creative friends and, quite frankly (do you mind if I call you Frankly?), this lack of email integrity makes them appear quite dull. I’d rather see them as the shining stars I know them to be.

Taking Care...

Have you ever realized how silly it is to tell someone to "be careful" or "be safe" upon their departure? I mean, are they likely to forget that? Understanding that it's all with good intentions... I usually interpret it to mean that they care... but only along the same lines that someone might ask "How are you?" Just something to say. OR... when someone says "bless you!" when you sneeze... since I'm in the habit of sneezing umpteen times in a row, it's a phrase I've heard often. (I always say, "oh please! please! No more blessings!) I guess it's one of the things we learn as part of "manners." How many people do you think stop to wonder, "What does 'bless you' have to do with sneezing?" They just do it, because mom or dad or grandma told them to. It could also give them relief because it is uncomfortable when you are standing next to a person who begins to sneeze uncontrollably... what you'd like to say is "What in the hell is that all about?" along with "Please keep your distance." BUT out comes... "Bless you!" I can only assume that some of these people are even athiests. Which explains the shortening of the phrase from "God bless you!"
It is in fact from the superstitious belief (I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and call it Catholic) that when you sneeze, your soul temporarily escapes your body, leaving it susceptible to being snatched up by the devil! Man, oh man! If that's not enough to scare you into holding in a sneeze! THANK GOD that if someone says "Bless you!" in time, you don't have to worry about that danger! You are protected from the devil, indeed! (I've no idea what we do if we're alone. I think it doesn't count if you say it yourself, not to mention the fact that if you are sneezing, you can't talk!) That devil is a crafty fella... there is no END to the lengths he will go to get a soul...
In finalization, let me just admonish all of you...
be reckless.
love ya!