God Is Not Mocked

This post has nothing to do with that title. I just wanted to say that. Because... well... He's not! :)

You know what I hate? I hate comments by anony-mouses. I mean, talk about fuckin chicken shit! Get a damn name for your damn comment. When I come across those mousey comments, I don't even read them because if you can't claim your own words, I don't have any interest in them. Even if you are in the witness protection program you can have a fake blogger name! Sheesh! So if you want to be a mousey anony person, then just keep the cloak on and hang around with Murky and Lurky.

There, I said it.

Also, Part Deux of the world of gentle mans, I have a story to tell. (No doubt this shocks you.)

When my youngest was a newborn, I had occasion to ride a bus from Ogden, Utah to Santa Ana, California. My parents were living there and I was going to surprise Mom by showing up to ride with her on the trip back to Utah (they were moving back, God knows why... oh and by the way... God is not mocked). Dad would be leading the convoy of two with the moving truck.

I was not about to leave that baby, so I took him with me. (No, not because I nursed him. I never nursed a baby in my life and I never will. THESE beauties shall not be used for that!) There were several young men from the nearby Job Corps on the bus, too. They were lively things, as you can imagine. Good natured. They didn't pester me or anything. In fact no one did. It was a fine bus ride, me and my baby. (By the way, I can count on one hand the number of times I've taken a bus in my life, so this was no small matter!)

About the time we hit Vegas, a conflict began. There was a snarly old fella on the bus who decided he wanted a smoke. One of the JC boys piped in (hehe.. piped in) and advised him that there was no smoking on the bus, and besides, there was a young baby on board and it was just not appropriate. He was very polite in his approach. The man replied, "Who's gonna stop me?" JC said, "Well I'll tell the bus driver." and the guy said, "No you won't because I'm gonna kick your ass." Then the fight started. But you know what was so cute? One of the JC boys rushed over to my seat and shielded my baby and me with his body so that no stray punch could bring us harm.

Anyway, the bus driver wound up throwing them all off the bus, which I though was hardly fair. However, he did have a job to do and he didn't have time to sort out "who started it," like a playground guard.

But those JC boys impressed me that day. They saved me and my little baby. They were my heroes.

Where Have All the Gentlemen Gone?

For those of you who tagged me, all two of you, I will be dutifully posting my taggy response in the very near future. But this was on my mind, so it took precedence.

This I started to say at Mister Write Now's Blog and decided to finish it up here:

I was walking toward the office building, after stepping over to the nearby deli for some nosh to go, hands full. A man and a woman were ten paces or so ahead of me. He was of the totally nerdy techie type and she was of the totally nerdy office dumbshit type. She was giggling like a schoolgirl at everything he said. I have no idea what he was saying, but she was clearly making far too much of it, in my estimated opinion. I thought, "I wonder if he's wooing her?" I was walking faster than they were (I guess they were out for a pleasure walk), so by the time we were at the door, I was fairly on their heels. I now knew what he was talking about, which was entirely unentertaining on any level, and decided that, yes, he was trying to impress her with geektalk and she was falling for it.

He opened the door (which opens OUT by the way) for her, held it while she walked through, turned his head aside to glance at my approach, walked through the door and let it close right in my face! Right in my fucking face! That rarely happens to me. Not only am I a woman (not that I think you should do that to a man) but I am a very womanly woman. And I don't expect men to fall at my feet and worship me, but it's clearly presented ALL the time in ALL ways that I am the weaker sex. This is not something that is missed! Oh man, I was just pissed. I stumbled through the door, and managed to catch up with them at the elevator, just as it opened. I half expected him to run in and close the elevator doors before I made it in, but he didn't. He kept up his idiotic talk (which could have been completely made up for all the ditzy head knew) and she kept up her giggling. I saw that he had on a wedding ring. I was sure this woman was not his wife. As I stepped off the elvator at my floor, I was so tempted to say, "I hope you are not thinking about entering into any kind of intimate relationship with this man, because a man is easily measured by how he treats strangers, especially female strangers."

I have noticed, of late, a decline in the gentleman's mindset. I mean the mind of the gentle man. No, I'm not talking about all the fucking fuss about women's lib and how-men-stopped-opening-doors-for-women-because-they-said-they-could-do-it-themselves-thank-you-very-much. That is WAY behind us now and it's high fucking time we stopped using it in a discussion. I have not seen men (of any age) stop behaving in a mannerly way. Until just now. I notice it happening, and this is not young men. Young men are very polite. I had a man in his sixties muscle past me between cars in a parking lot. I know for SURE that this man knew better!

So, give me gentlemen or give me death!

P.S. I am only using the "nerdy" term as a generic adjective, neither being positive nor negative. Only making a point that they were extremely thus, each of them. :)

Yay! Wordless Wednesday~!

Never a sweeter thing was seen than this:

Never a sweeter sound was heard than this:
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Ba Doozie...

... is a floozie! (She's not really, but it rhymes!)

Here's something I never want to hear a man say to me:
"Which bus line do I take to get to your house?"

My sister was asked to participate in a fund raising event, in which she would have to play soccer. She said, "Can't you just put a little love sack out on the field and pretend it's me?"

I'm just rambling, because I want to try this linkage thingy that ba dooz sent me.

Here's where I'm going to buy all my furniture. One piece at a time.

Something to Sell About

Also (since I fuckin know how to do this shit now!) EVERYONE go read Diesel's commentary on a recently released movie: (Spoilers dead ahead... and I mean dead!)

Spiderman Fan Loses Heart

Vixen on the Loose!

Well, I had a fun Saturday frolic! I've known Vixen for over a year now, in the blogosphere. She has a feisty blog where she openly talks about whatever might turn your crank! And if you don't have a crank, she'll help you know what to do with one when you happen to run across it! This little beauty has tons of knowledge about intimacy, women, men, relationships, etcetera and she's definitely worth a regular read.

So what happened yesterday? She and I met for lunch! It was fab! She chauffered me around her little city, which was beautiful, while we looked for the perfect place to eat. We did a lot of talking (ahem... I mean I did most of it) and laughing and even a little shopping on the side!

So, my friends, I'm here to invite you to her most excellent blog, The Bad Girls Guide, which is:
... a journal created by a woman for women. However, if you are a man in tune with your feminine side (or trying to get there), feel free to read on. It's mainly the stuff we talk about but that noone ever wrote down. It's all the stuff in all those self help books that we read, all the stuff that should be said but aren't. This is just a venting spiel, about the idiosyncrasies of dating and how to make it better.

Now, if she can teach ME something, then you know she's good! ;)

Thanks, Vix, for a lovely meeting and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

(I'm too retarded to know how to blogroll you peeps, so I'll just post her link here.)

Bad Girl Vixen