The more men change.....

... the more they fuckin stay the same!

Yesterday I changed my yahoo profile to read that I'm in a relationship and I added "If you're interested in making friends, feel free to contact me... but condescending assholes need not apply" ~ sumthin like that. Figured it MIGHT filter out some of the asinine random contacts I get. I don't mind meeting people. In fact, I like to. Even now, I'm chatting with a girlfriend from Kentucky I met online a few years ago and we've become the very BEST of girlfriends! (HI BECKA!)

Anyway, today I received two random contacts... one new one ~ a married man looking for fun. We had a short but pleasant conversation, but only after I made sure he could read and knew that I was NOT interested in the fun he's after. At the same time, I get a message from a previous dumbshit who sent me a message a year ago or so and here is how today's convo went (his nick has been changed to protect his dumbfuckness):

adamsmith: hi
adamsmith: from, usa
adamsmith: i m adam amale

teri: hello...
teri: have we chatted before?

adamsmith: i think yes

teri: I think so too

adamsmith: i am adam and you ?

teri: I think I didn't really like chatting with you before... and I doubt I'll like it now

adamsmith: thanks
adamsmith: your asl please

teri: okay.. that's enough... now fuck off

Honestly, no wonder I have to write a book.
I can't make this shit up!