Be You Blithe and Bonny

Becky Jo… the Little Root of Profundities…
Definitely a girl after my own heart… I mean, who uses that word? :)

Be sure to always read her comments… and visit her blog page…

She’s full of goodness and light.

Summer Is Nigh

You may have gathered by the recent blog entries… that I come from a family which has strong roots. These roots feed the tree quite expertly… not only the older and stronger and deeper roots, but even the young, tender ones. It’s a good tree and branches out on the earth to create a place of shade in the heat of the harsh sun and shelter during storms. It can also be a formidable sight on the horizon for anyone standing near (or even some distance from) it. There are those that have been threatened by both its magnificence and its immovability. And some of us have been “captured” by them. They like the thing they see in us. They like it that we come from a strong place. They pluck us up, plant us in the middle of a living room and tell us to grow. You can imagine how a real branch might respond to this. I suppose the concept is that a cut off branch can grow into a tree of its own. But I know this only works with some forms of flora and even then, only under certain conditions. These haphazard ones are not normally sensitive to this. So there is often harm done. Fortunate we are that we can be grafted back in to the great oak and made strong again.

The Sisters:

Extremely capable.
Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Artistic and creative.
Full of empathy.
Driven to be always dependable.
Generous to a fault.
Able to keep tall buildings for a single hound.

Excels in art and music.
Follows the beat of the ‘different drummer.’
Creatively humorous.
Able to heap tall buildings with a single sound.