Okay, I Am a Retard

It's almost midnight and my brain finally feels sorta clear. I realize now that my post was very confusing because, who are all those people?

I have three children. We are of mainly a scandinavian background.

#1 Son is Jake, soon to be 26. He is recently married. He is pictured with his new wife whose name is Mrs. Peterson. :) I really do know her name, but she loves this one so much. Jake is the father of BrynLeigh, the Maori princess who loves her bunny. Her mother (Jake's ex-girlfriend) is my Tiny, whom I adore. Tiny's mother's ancestors are from New Zealand. All of these previously mentioned people live in Northern Utah.

#2 Son is Brady, age 19. He is the father of Lexi. Lexi's mother is Laura, whose mother is of the Aztec heritage. (I just made that part up. Or at least I think I did.) He is a nanny, taking care of two boys who are a real handful, lemme tell ya! They live about an hour northeast of San Diego, but I am hoping he and his family will be moving up here soon!

#1 Daughter is betwixt the Sons. They are the stars and she is the moon. Erin is 22 years old living and loving and working in the Los Angeles area at, oh gosh so many jobs I can't name them... cocktail waitress, nanny, bookkeeper, the list goes on. These are current jobs. She is extremely diligent in her work ethic. There was a time when she had no car and had to walk to find a job and walk to work and walk everywhere she went. She had blood in her shoes. (Yes, she had to wear real shoes once she started that lifestyle.) She has no children so I can't very well state where they come from, whether real or imagined.

The end. (Or the beginning, depending on how you look at it!)

I'm Not a Retard

So today I have a migraine. This is the me that people see when they walk into my office. (I think I'll keep the sunglasses on all day long.)

Thought I'd post a little post about the littlies. (The word "littlies" comes to us by way of Rebecca. Hi Rebecca!)

The oldest of my littlies got married on June 19. He called and said, "Mom, I'm getting married!" I said, "Okay, honey." And so he did.

People might think it's foolish. I'm no big fan of marriage, as you all know. But sometimes it just makes sense. She is happy to be his wife and he is happy to be her husband. I stopped thinking in terms of forever a long, long time ago. (Forever ago, in fact!) So here is the darling couple.

And then, this is the princess (with her Bunny). She really is a princess. She is from the Maori tribe called Ngai Tahu. Her mommy is my beautiful Tiny.

And then there's Littlie Lexi and family.

I don't have a picture of the middle of my littlies. Well yeah, I probably do. It's a few years old and she's kinda hammered after driving all night from Southern Cali to Utah, but it's cute. (She ain't really into wearing real shoes. Even in the snow!)

All typos are to be forgiven. I have a headache. And I'm not a retard.

Why Bother?


I could spend all night typing my little fingers to the bone,
but if this Brilliant Woman says it all better than I can,
why bother?

Smooches, Embar! You're my hero... uh... ine... heroine!

Okay fine!
A couple of swimsuit pics, too!

What a babe!

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone!

There has been some questioning over who this hot babe is. Why, she's my granddaughter, Alexa Jade!

And this here is Little Lexi's Mommy!
Someday, when I grow up, I wanna be not-a-retard so I can post a few pictures without going through seven kinds of hoops!

Quick Post Script on the subject of "texting" ~ I do not have textual conversations with very many people. Yes, I'm fairly good at being speedy, but that's just cause I'm speedy that way! I was great, actually, at using the predictive text and then I got this new phone that flips sideways and has a keyboard. Well that's just fine and dandy, except that my fingers are the ones who know where the keys are, and guess what? My fingers don't fit on that fuckin' keyboard! Anyway, texting is mostly just fun for sending a quick (or down and dirty) message to someone. It is something that is hard to get used to. I taught a friend of mine how to do it, and after about ten minutes of watching her work hard at it, she turned to me and said, "Well I sent you a message. I was trying to say hi, but I think I wound up saying G4!" Ah well, at least she tried! :)

Oh Say Can You Say?

Bro’s Before Ho’s
Sistah’s Before Mistah’s
Pals Before Hals
Chicks Before Dicks
It’s not who you know, it’s who you blow!
Wait… that’s not the subject.

So I was thinking. (Oh no! Not again!)
... after having visited sistah susie’s blog and hearing her complain about SOMEONE not answering her text messages. I’ve heard this complaint a lot from women. And you know what the weird thing is? When I send a text message to these SAME women, they don’t fuckin answer me back! (This is not directed at sistah susie, because I ain’t never had a texting relationship with her.)

But what the hell is that? I mean I have sat with women just sobbing… I mean sobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbing……… Because so and so “hasn’t answered my special text that was just for him!” I will say something like, “Well maybe he’s busy, or maybe he doesn’t like texting!” And she will invariably say, “How hard can it be to just say ‘ok’ or just let me know he got the message??!!”

Uh, yeah bitch! How hard CAN it be??
I don’t like being ignored any more than you do!

So guess what? While I am typing this, my coolest girlfriend ever is texting me pictures of shoes, so that I can choose which ones she should buy me. She’s in Hawaii. She really is the best kind of girlfriend. And she never ignores me! Ever! But then again, we’ve known each other since we were 13, which was… wow… almost 35 years ago.

The point is, share the text-love! Make it a communicable disease!

And the other point is. Be kind to everyone you meet. You don’t have the market cornered on bad days.

Post Script: Texting really is a pain in the ass, as many of you have pointed out. Unless you know a lot of young people, which I do. Also, my boss is often more readily available via text because he's in the middle of many things. I don't blame people for not wanting to use the text portion of their phones. It costs extra. You can't do it (very well) while driving! And is it not enough that we have to answer phones and emails?? But, if I text you, you'd better fuckin' respond! :) Or what? Well ... or I'll be mad, that's what! So there!