True Love

What is it? Wow. Age old question with answers that only make more questions. I got a tingling idea of what it means the other night while listening to a song. A song from the movie soundtrack "De Lovely." Love For Sale. Now, everyone who knows me has heard me preach about the cost of being with a woman. That's largely why I chose the name, "cathouse." And why my starstruck girlfriend was playing the song for me.

Well in one line of the song she tells about all the kinds of love she's experienced. As she listed them, I could relate. In fact, I'm a fucking expert on the subject of love! (As well as the subject of fucking!) She sings, "If you want the thrill of love, I've been through the mill of love; Old love, new love," and then she says, "Every love but true love."

Hmmm... I began to think of all the loves I've experienced. I mean romantic love, of course. It's unfortunate that we can't be like the greeks and have an entirely different word for the love we have between lovers, and the love we have for our cars or our steak dinners! (btw, the love I have for my miata is true love, hee hee)

Anyway, I realized that among all the intense, passionate, heartfelt loves I've had in my heart, they were all dependent on lasting "forever" in order to validate them. And once "forever" ended, then the love was negated and became untrue.

In my current relationship with a man, I believe there is true love. A kind of love I've never experienced. A love that is real and true and solid and holds no promises. A love that is not carried along by that untruish word, "romance." We don't talk about tomorrow. We don't tell one another that we couldn't live another day without the other. Our time together is just true. And I like that.

And He's Out!

I just found out today that the man escaped his mortal bonds last Wednesday. What I know about Kurt Vonnegut would probably fit on my thumbnail, and I've only read one of his books and one of his short stories. But those made such an impression on me that I can hardly imagine why I have not read more. I just skimmed through several articles about him, all of them mentioning some brilliant work of his. Only one mentioned the one book I have read and loved, and that one said he never finished it!

I thought of Kurt yesterday, as I was driving through Lovelock, Nevada. I had always imagined how I'd love to run a cathouse in Lovelock. Yesterday, I noticed that the town is five miles from a prison. That is when "Hocus Pocus" came to mind. I remember thinking, "I need to read that book again. And write one about my cathouse... and that prison." Then I wake up today to the news. Life is strange.

Brilliant man. Happy for him. Sad for us.