Where it began...

In the life of a child, many things are learned.
It is often said that one of those things is our own self worth.
It is often stated that the parents in a family are responsible for
their child’s measure of this.
I disagree.
I believe it’s true… it really is a village, or rather a world, that trains a child.
(Also, an adult.)
There are many, many people who influence you throughout your formative years.
And I don’t believe for a minute, that ALL of those people influence you solely in the direction of valuing yourself, or devaluing yourself. There may be more of one than the other. It’s not likely that it will be a fair share of either. But no matter who you are… there is something to draw from both wells.
So it all comes down to us. At which well are we going to spend time?
And, at what point do we decide that all of those things are not going to push and pull us at will?
It’s a tricky thing… self esteem. And a battle we are all familiar with.
And although I have had people aplenty to tell me that I’m beautiful and worthy, I have just as many who would like to convince me that I am useless and hopeless.
But I have chosen to like me very much. Just as I am. (I’ve tried liking myself just as I'm not, and it just didn’t work.)
There are so many people who make a difference in our lives, from beginning to end.
In my life… it began with my parents. They taught me that I’m worth more than anything, regardless of my choices. I’ve made many bad choices. I continue to do so. And they always love me… no matter what. They have also taught me that my choices are not associated with my value. My choices give me more choices or they take choices away. They give me more freedom or more bondage. But they never make me less beautiful.


tahoejimbo420 said...

a truer beauty i have yet to meet

cathouse teri said...

Well first you have yet to meet this one! :)
Thanks, pal.