It's Valentine's Day...

...and this is my story.

It is a lovely life. I have received more love than anyone could possibly deserve. My parents are a beautiful picture of a close and caring union. They knew each other six weeks from the time they met until the time they married. This March 10, that will be 49 years ago.

I go swimming every morning and then go to mom and dad’s house to have breakfast and get ready for work. Dad had given mom a heart-shaped box full of almond roca and a pair of cutesy socks. He called me into the living room to check out her new socks. His cards are always mushy and quite the tear jearkers. Mom’s cards to him are usually comedic, but also extremely mushy. They are just too cute.

But when I arrived at their house earlier, Dad was the only one up. I said hello as I hauled my stuff into the spare bedroom I always use and came back into the kitchen. Dad said, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” and I said, “Thanks! Happy V.D. to you too!” He then walked into the living room, opened up the candy dish, picked up a little red foil wrapped chocolate heart, brought it to me and said, “Here’s your valentine.” It was one of the best gifts I have ever received.

So, in short… I have had and continue to have many admirers. I’d be hard pressed to count the whole of them, over the years. But regardless of how many men swear their undying devotion and love to me, it’s my Dad who is always there for me… even with a little chocolate heart.


Mark n Manna said...
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Renée said...

I can't even imagine the charm and security of your life. Amidst the rushing by of humanity and their stories which touch you, Teri, Your home is still home. As much as you dive into the hearts and souls of so many, you have a real home. As long as your mom and dad are who they are, it won't matter where. I am joyfully comforted for and with you in hearing of your sweet, sweet dad. What a mush ball! Wilton, you're the best. I'm thankful I got to share you even for a short while.