For Where Your Treasure Is, There Will Your Heart Be Also

The Clan of the Nordic Bear had a lovely gathering on Terrace Drive this last Easter weekend. Of course there was food and drink that wouldn’t quit. (Our new fun thing is the “bucket o’ margaritas” which makes it oh, so easy to drink one after another!)

Amongst the eating and drinking and merrying activities was a very nearly dead heat round of Balderdash… and no end of laughter. But midway through the game Grandpa Bill (aka Papa Nordic Bear, aka Dad) came in and made an announcement (even with his golf hat atop his head). “I found a plastic egg that must have been missed in an Easter egg hunt years ago in the front yard. In it, I put something silver and something gold and hid it in the back yard. When you are finished with your game here, everyone go out and search for it!” (He knew the egg was from years past, as it’s been ages since we’ve had children of egg-hunting age in the family.) So after Erika properly won the Balderdash game, we all went out smartly to find a little lone egg in a fairly large back yard. Yes, go ahead and picture it… a group of thirteen or fourteen adults wandering around aimlessly… saying, “Now where would I be if I were an egg?”

At one point, I began asking for clues. Dad would respond, “It’s in the back yard.” Ha. And then I’d say, “Is it visible?” He’d say, “No… hence the word hidden.” Ha ha.

Tami finally found the egg in the bird feeder, buried in sunflower seeds (after Dad relented and gave us a hint that it could be found North, Northwest of where Jim was standing at the moment). He made us all gather together while she opened it and inside was a neat surprise. A rock with some silver in’t and a rough little piece of gold from the Santa Fe National Forest he’d obtained years ago. Pretty cute treasure.

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