Scary Women with Signs!

Yep. I'm talking about the women who are working the crosswalks during school hours. I rarely see a man doing it, so I'm gonna go ahead and presume to write this story as if it applies to the women of that ilk alone.

You can imagine that, over the years, I've been exposed (well not literally.. hehe) to a great many of these sign-holders. And they are not messin' around! You break some rule, which no one would have a clue exists, and they would have your head if they could! I mean I think they even have stuff like, "only blue cars are allowed on this side of the road, the red cars on the other, and all other colors are shit outta luck!"

Since the school district decided to stop offering the school bus for free, there is a LOT of traffic coming and going. So I have no doubt that these women have all rights to going "postal" at any given moment. (Someone else can think of a word that would apply to this job, as opposed to "postal." I have a migraine.)

My son drove me to pick up my little charges yesterday. He has only had to do this a few times and he was literally shaking when we got close to the crosswalks. It's like stunted driving because you are sure they are going to yell at you any second! Should I stop? Should I go? I said, "What's wrong? She's not in the crosswalk, you don't have to slow down." He said, "Those ladies scare me!"

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