To be sure. I think television is the awfulest thing in the world. But of late, I've discovered this series called, "Angel." Yeah, it's about vampires. I never watched "Buffy." But this show is brilliant! And, as I told a friend recently, (you know who you are!) I don't usually use the terms TV and BRILLIANT in the same sentence.

When I was young, I watched soap operas. I was addicted enough to them that, at the age of 23, I was finding myself saying things like, "OH~ I have to go home and watch my show!" Yeah. So I nipped that in the fuckin bud! I can't be organizing my social life with REAL people around the FAKE ones.

But a few months ago, I was in a position to watch this show, almost against my will, every fucking morning. For two hours! And I became quite addicted. So I'm here to say that the show is brilliant! :)


Gary said...

I haven't seen Angel, but I did watch Buffy a few times and thought it was a very well done show.

Wolfe said...

I resisted -- for years -- being drawn into the whole buffy rubbish. But Joss Whedon -- the creator of the Buffy and Angel series -- is an excellent writer who is surpassingly good at dialogue.

He tends to tune every script for his shows.

I never got into Angel (eww for that sudden image), but loved Whedon's short-lived series "Firefly".

As Gary mentions, Buffy's good, and I also recommend checking out "Veronica Mars" if you like faintly noir, character-based, female-centered (though not annoyingly feminist) drama.


Badoozie said...

you've earned your star!

Heart Of Darkness said...

I never watched Buffy either, because there was something about that show I simply couldn't stomach.

But Angel... I was, like you, in a position where I could see it almost daily for a few weeks, and I got so sucked into it, I actually got mad at the TV company when they moved it!

You know you've lost it when you yell at the TV for not showing what you want to watch... *sigh*

ian said...

Ditto what Wolfe said. I love me some Firefly, although i never got into the whole Buffy thing.


Misty said...

I saw you comment on my Turtle friend, so I looked you up.

I'm similar in my background. I grew up with TV as the norm. It was on every waking moment somebody was in the house. We ate our dinners in front of the TV it was so bad. I can name countless shows I used to watch on a regular basis, soaps included, and can't really recognize what the allure was all about.

I've been "Cable Free" for the past 8 or 9 years and quite happy about it. Every now and then though there is a show I catch at my parents - since they are still TV addicted that catch my eye, so I own on DVD, Smallville, CSI - Original, Lois & Clark, Punky Brewster (blast from the past but I have 2 girls also), Friends and Reba. These are the shows that I thought were good enough to spend money on. I haven't watched Angel, but I do remember how cute he was from Buffy.