Hell is for Children

Regarding the "Girls Gone Wild" videos. I have no argument against promoting consentual videos of scantily clad, age appropriate women. In fact, I kinda think the videos are probably cute-ish. I like naked women. I think they are very pretty. Naked men, not so much. But naked men can turn me on. Perhaps I should edit that to say, "naked man." And two videos for ten bucks! Can't beat that! I mean, I spend ten bucks just having lunch at Burger King (or BK Lounge, as Dane likes to call it). Ten bucks is easy to come by.

So let me say this. The other night, while my boyfriend and I were watching a serious crime drama (something like Law & Order), every single commercial break included at least three ads for the GGW videos. Three of the exact same advertisement! Sometimes consecutively! Even my boyfriend got sick of seeing them! We eventually had to switch the channel, without ever even finding out the end of the episode we were watching! Now that's serious.

So I discovered last night that I have developed a serious anxiety about the ads. I was watching Comedy Central and during one commercial break, in came that familiar grating voice, intruding on my peace of mind. I felt my heart begin to beat faster (in the yucky way) and a sudden urge to puke rose up in my throat. I thought, "Oh please God! Make it stop! Say it isn't going to be playing over and over and over during this show now!" (This was even a different channel and I was watching Jon Stewart's Daily Show which I did NOT want to miss a minute of!!!)

Fortunately (whew) it was just a regular ad, inserted as ads regularly are.

Postscript: All puns in this post were intended. *wink*


Gary said...

So far these ads are limited to late night hours. I guess it is just a matter of time before you will be seeing them at dinnertime. Bon Apetit!

Badoozie said...

i guess i have no idea what you are talking about. again, saved by the fact i don't watch tv

wanderling said...

I haven't seen these ads either, but then, I'm across the ocean and I don't watch TV, except for when Jon Stewart, Rowr!!, is on, and that channel has no ads, JOY!