Nothin Ain't Worth Nothin...

... but it's free.

So does anyone else think that Imus looks like those rotten apple doll heads we used to make in school? (Who thought of that, anyway? What an asinine thing to have children do.) At any rate, I'd rather be a nappy-headed-anything-at-all than his clearly-superior-to-everyone-else highness. (I'll have to settle for being just a plain ol' ho.)

Enough about him, let's talk about me. And what I think about GRINDHOUSE! Oh my, sen-fucking-sational! Rose McGowan can't be beat for sexy. She surpasses even (dare I say it?) Jessica Alba! And the rebellious style in which the films (and trailers) were made is just tasty, to say the least.

One more thing. Why the hell do the drive thru people ALWAYS overfill your drinks? Don't they fuckin know that we are driving a fuckin car???? Is it a mystery that I'm pulling up in a vehicle? Is it only vaguely implied that imminently, said vehicle will be moving?? I'm just fuckin befuddled by this simple little thing.

Now you know.. how easily befuddled I am.

Oh, and today, I decided that either everyone in California is insane, or I am. Which do you think is more likely? All of them? Or me?

And another one more thing, if you drop your buttered bread, sure as fuckin hell, it will land on the buttered side. I love that. I forget who the important person was who figured that out, because I've apparently lost my memory. Either was Murphy or someone Murphy was copying. Fuck. Now I gotta look that up again.


Brillig said...

I'm certain that it's not just you... It's EVERYONE in California, including me when I happen to be in California.

And the bit about the overfilled soda was hilarious--and painfully accurate!

Vixen said...

Hey sweetie, I tagged you on the when are we going to meet for drinks?

Gunfighter said...

New reader here...Hi!

No way is Rose McGowan hotter than Salma Hayek.

If that irritates you... blame Brillig. I found you via her blog!

My name is Gunfighter, and I approved this message.

(and I'm a pretty nice guy, too)


super des said...

I've been wanting to go see Grindhouse. i want to go in a bug group so we can throw popcorn at Kurt Russell.

People in CA are insane, but slightly less insane than everyone else in the country. Except New Yorkers, who are on par with the CA kids.

Anonymous said...

well, now that my ears are time order the drink "to go"