Mother's (Grand) Day

It's time to share my (grand)babies. Along with poems I wrote for each. Meow.

Alexa Jade

Precious pearl, such small perfection.
Couldn’t wait, her entrance hied.
Swaddled tight among so many,
Every night, her daddy died.
But now he holds her sleepy head
Brightened by the morning light.
Her eyes, her smile, his heart all warming
Making day’s approach his rite.

BrynLeigh Jade

Sweet light that shines from those bright eyes,
Makes heaven wish for bigger skies.
The sun could warm the darkest place,
Yet still not match that precious face.
And in her orbit, gorgeous moon,
Seeks to make a dim world swoon.
But all her efforts pale in vain
When those small sighs our hearts obtain.


Jenn in Holland said...

Oh, I love the babies.
And the poems. Beautiful, lovely images.
Beautiful, lovely babies.
Happy Mother's Day!

The Exception said...

What nice tributes to beautiful girls.

Have a wonderful Mother's and Grandmother's day!

Anonymous said...

this is all a little too serious for me so I would just like to say....uh....I forgot. have a great mothers day? yeah..that was it

cathouse teri said...

You ain't never serious, Doozie?

Adventures In Waitressing said...

They are so adorable.. no wonder you are so proud. Loved the poems as well.. I will have to share some of mine with you one day.

Emma Sometimes said...

SOO sweet. Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

I was serious the other morning for a short while, I was bawling on the phone to emmers, then I got over it when I saw the fireman in his hot little jeep.