It's Cold Out There But It's Warm In Bed

Where the hell is Global Warming when we need it?

Here ~ Read this:
Southern Sage on a Tirade

I'm gonna ask BrynLeigh what she thinks, because:
I am not young enough to know everything. ~ Oscar Wilde ~


dadshouse said...

Well, I guess that author doesn't have to believe in global warming. Can you ask him to shut the global freezer door so the glaciers stop melting and disappearing?

cathouse teri said...

Did you read any of the comments, David?

dons_mind said...

good link! he's saying what a lot of us have been saying for a long time now.....good on him!

ps lol i was going to leave him a comment, but appears he likes comments from "chicks" and i don't quite qualify! lol

cathouse teri said...

Oh no .... He's happy to have comments from anyone!!

Eebie said...

I love his southern style and passion; it's a rebel yell from the other side.

As a scientist, I agree with the skepticism. This year's cold is credited to the lack of activity in El Nino (magma flows under the pacific). It makes a good point as to what is more influential greenhouse gases or magma flows. Again, as a scientist, I see the difficulties in trying to quantify each source.

I will say though that of all the major things that influence the weather: magma flows, sun spots, cloud cover, cycles and greenhouse gases emissions, greenhouse gases are the only ones that humans can influence. If the result is moving towards renewable energy sources, which generally encourages local energy capture which helps us in the balance of payments vs foreign countries, that's a good thing. If less greenhouse gases are a good thing in keeping us from a movement out of an ice age as he suggests, that's also a good thing.

I recall and article that spoke of the first scientist who warned of global warming. It went on to say that these scientists are now disappointed that the information is no longer used for science but politics.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the love!

Eebie told me you send him but I didn't realize you linked me.

He was knowledgeable for sure, over my head but right on it it seems.

Dashouse. I didn't say it wasn't getting warmer, I said that the main cause for the hoopla was money and political power, fear for the masses. I also said that I didn't believe it was my fault because I drove a non hybrid.

Don, I like them all, anytime!!

thanks for love CHT!!

cathouse teri said...

Eebs: Always a pleasure to have highly intelligent input. :)

Sage: Any time, babe!

wanderling said...

Welcome back! Some global warming theories project that the northern hemisphere is going to get colder, while the southern gets hotter. That seems to be happening. In 2 days, Sydney is projected to reach 47 Celsius, which is 116 Fahrenhait. Apparently it will be the hottest place on the planet, like we didn't know that already ;).

Sornie said...

We have some global warming if you want any. It's 41 degrees in Minnesota on Feb 6. That isn't exactly normal. Then again it was -35 degrees here 3 weeks ago.

T said...

I love me some Sage.

It was because of you that I found him Teri.

Thanks for that.


Melain said...

Wow that is one empassioned Republican! I'm upset about the amount of money spent on that as well.

That little girl is adorable. Looks like she's mastering the "You will give me what I want" look. :)

cathouse teri said...

Wanderling: Oh... I just come and go a lot. ;)

Sornie: Well we ain't had a bit of it here in Virginia!

T: Oh, I love knowing that I'm sharing Sage! He is one of THE coolest men alive!

Melain: Heh heh ~ Sage is definitely passionate ~ about a great many things! Nothing wishy washy about that man! As for the girl and her looks, yes ~ she is definitely hard to say "no" to! And just like I said in the poem I wrote for her when she was born, she does have the kind of eyes that make heaven wish for bigger skies!

Anonymous said...

Damn girl if you keep complimenting me I'm gonna have come up there and take you away!!!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful child