This is the Lord’s doing. It is marvellous in our eyes.

Cate Blanchett’s Elizabeth shouted this out when she became queen.

I thought to myself ~
I like this scripture. I’ve heard it a million times.
But I think I should like to hear it a billion more.
At least.

Marvellous Perspective

Marvellous Patience

Marvellous Angle

Marvellous Weather

Marvellous Envy

Marvellous Wings

Marvellous Throng

Marvellous Leader

Marvellous Rest

Marvellous Love


dadshouse said...

Wonderful pics. I especially like the swimmer sitting with her back in that "waterfall". (Yeah, I know the image is rotated)

What's with the crocheted tree? A Christo project, perchance?

dons_mind said...

nice post!

Eebie said...

Great pix, thanx for sharing. I love the last one; our service men and women give more than anyone else can imagine.

Brad K. said...

Wonderful! You done really, really good this time.

Thank you.

MindyMom said...

Great find on the pics! Love 'em and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!
Thanks for sharing.

Callie said...

That was a beautiful post. Thank you Teri - it's nice to get a dose of good feelings.

cathouse teri said...

David: I've no idea what compelled someone to crochet a tree.

DM: Thanks!

Eebs: I agree. I saved the best for last.

Brad: I'm so glad you like~!

MM: My pleasure!

NSM: You are very, very welcome.

Callie: You should have seen the not-good-feeling post I had already written. And at the last minute thought, "Ohfuckit ~ I'm going to put up something nice."

Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Marvelous post!

hope y'all hada big Easter.

Loving Annie said...

That was a marvelous post !!!

I always admired Queen Elizabeth I - I'd have loved to have known how she managed to be such a fabulous public relations person and actress and shrewd statesman all at once !
I wish her Mother had lived though. Damn Henry !!!