Amazing Grace

Harmony Grace Lee arrived on Friday, May 1st. May Day baby. Her mum was also born on a Friday. Friday the 13th on a September day, 23 years ago.

Little Harmony’s mum is Gracianna. My sister Erika named Graci after our grandfather’s sister, Grace and our father's mother, Anna.

My mother says that her Aunt Grace was a saint, if ever there was one. A beautiful spirit who spent her days on her knees, praying for her baby brother (Grandpa) ~ a man who squandered most of his time on booze and women. Yet, he was a charming, charismatic soul and all who knew him loved his company. Perhaps her prayers were answered in that way. At any rate, he did finally turn toward sobriety when a picnic turned sour as he made a pass at his son’s wife and said son proceeded to knock him out, dragging him through the streets of town and dumping him on his front porch. Grandpa never had a drink after that. He settled down and became a very tame husband to his shrewish second wife. But he still told dirty jokes every chance he got. :)

Grace was twenty when Alva Lee was born. Rumors circle around the family that he was actually Grace’s baby and, given the fact that it was 1910, Grace’s parents chose to tell people that he was her brother. She took care of him as if he were her own, and she never married. Never even came close. Either way, sister or mother, she loved that boy until the day she died at age 88.

Now on to her namesake, Gracianna. Graci was born in adverse times. It’s a miracle that she survived the situation she was in. Along with her mother. There were times we thought someone was going to die and we dreaded every phone call. Graci’s father was severely abusive to her mother, my sweet baby sister. But Erika left him while Graci was still very young and they both moved on to live stable and unthreatened lives. Let it be said, though, that Graci’s father has never been anything but sweet to her and supportive in the best ways he knows how.

When Graci graduated High School, she went to San Francisco to attend culinary school. She does currently work in a field that allows her some small amount of opportunity to enjoy her craft, but she hopes to lean further on that dream in the future.

That brings us to Harmony Grace. I’m going to call her Mazie (short for Amazing Grace). We had thought to call Graci by this nickname when she was born, but it never stuck. We’ll see if it works this time, because three syllables are way to many to say! (I happen to know, though, that I will probably just wind up calling her “honey.” I do this so much, that my oldest granddaughter at one time used to refer to me as “Honey Grandma.”)

Mazie’s daddy is Scotty Lee. He is a stand-up comedian and quite good. You can read about him here
and do go see him if he’s performing at a location near you. From what I hear, Scotty is a wonderful and attentive father. At present, it is clear that this child has been born into a happy situation.

But thank God we know that grace doesn’t end there.


Mark said...

Congratulations! Everyone looks great!

Loving Annie said...

Congratulations on your new grandbaby Mazie :)

Eebie said...

Lovely...incredible...just beautiful!

Warm hugs to you...

MindyMom said...

Congratulations. What a sweetie. And interesting history!

Jeff said...

Wow, Mazie is beautiful!

And her daddy is hysterical too. I checked out some of his samples.

cathouse teri said...

Mark: Thanks!

Lovely Annie: Thanks, babe. Although she's not really my own grandbaby, but her entrance into the world did make my baby sister a grandmommy. :)

Eebs: And warm hugs right back atcha.

MM: Oh, we are from a colorful family.

Jeff: I can't wait to see her next week! Yeah, her daddy is purrrrrty funny. I'm sure he'll appreciate you checking him out.

VE said...

Mazie...I like that name

dadshouse said...

Congrats! I'm so glad to hear the baby was named after a relative. I think that's a wonderful tradition, and not everyone does that.

Grandpa sounds like a character.

Anonymous said...

Mazie is beautiful and I wish everyone the best. I too, love the family history behind the names and envy you a sister...I wish I had my own.

cathouse teri said...

VE: Moi aussi

David: Grandpa was indeed a character. :)

BSMommy: I have three. I'll send you one! hee hee