And......... She's Here!

Grandma Teri was out of town watching the boy (and I must begin to use the term “boy” loosely) play football, when baby Brynleigh decided it was time to make ready for her entrance… Mommy Beth was in the hospital by ten that night. Grandma sent Auntie Erika to be her proxy. From what I hear, Erika made an excellent stand-in Grandma! The only difference, she said, would have been that I most definitely would have kicked that crotchety nurse’s ass that was mistreating Mommy Beth (or Tiny, as we like to call her). But, Grandma-by-proxy and Mommy and Baby all survived, as they have a way of doing. According to Erika, Daddy Jake was so good with Beth that she just wanted to take a picture of them… then realizing that if someone took a picture of her in that state, she’d be terribly unhappy… so she resisted. The Princess made her appearance to the world early Saturday morning. Weighing in at 7 lbs 7 ozs. She was 7/7 on 9/11. And of course, she’s purrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect. I settled the kids (Erin and Brady) at their jobs and began the process of hauling ass home. Tiny had wanted my presence much earlier… and I had to get there soon. I was reasonably sure that Princess Bryn wouldn’t care if I arrived on Saturday or Sunday or Monday, but Momma was insistent. I arrived at the hospital at midnight. Was greeted in the parking lot by the very elated and proud father. There was some skepticism among the masses as to whether or not I’d be allowed as a visitor at such a late hour, to which I replied, “I’d like to see them stop me!” And of course, they didn’t. But then again, I didn’t ask for permission. Mommy and Daddy had been up for almost two days and were exhausted. Brynleigh was wide awake, her big eyes looking about in wonder. A very alert newborn. (I’m sure she’s of very high intelligence, with an incredibly active and creative mind.) I started singing to the baby, and Jake and Tiny went to sleep. Brynleigh just watched me. I managed to stay until almost 2 a.m., at which time I left the little family to their rest. Picture to be posted at a later time. Over and out.


Becka said...

I saw pics! (neener neener to those of you who haven't yet)
She is just precious! Congrats to Grandma Teri and Tiny and Jake too. Fine job they did. ;-)

cathouse teri said...

Aw... that Becka... so sweet... even after I gave her a hard time about not liking (most) country music :)

Korihor said...

Congrat's Teri.. Her'es to new life and a new hope wherever it may be found!