East of the Sun, West of the Moon

This is my observation, given by the constellations.
I see a beautiful picture of the relationship between a man and a woman in the sun and the moon. The sun is ever shining to provide that life-giving light. It’s constantly in the process of burning itself out. But it doesn’t give a thought to that fact. The moon, on the other hand, has no light source of its own. It is made of the stuff that absorbs the light. A man gives of himself, without thought for his own life, to shine that light on the object of his affection. A woman, like the moon, receives this light fully and gladly, because she’s made of the stuff that absorbs the light. (If you don’t believe me, then next time you get a chance, take a look at a woman who is loved this way.) She can then respond by shining that great light back onto him, even in a dark world. And if you recall from your lessons, the only time the sun doesn’t shine on the moon, thereby depriving her of his light… is when the world is in the way.


Bug Me Not said...

What I know about this stuff could fill a thimble, but...
I think mankind is split not into men being sun and women moon, but some people being sun [m or f] and others moon [m or f]. In fact taking it further, everyone has some sun and moon in him/her. Which predominates is turned on or off by circumstances, and may be rigid or fluid in different people. Even more, no reason why m and/or f cant be sun and moon simultaneously.
The good old I Ching is the source for this circle of ideas, which it looks like you have experienced rather than read about.

More: there is healthy sun and perverted sun ,and healthy moon and perverted moon.
Healthy sun is giving and generous just for the hell of it, perverted is controlling, dominating, love with strings attached.
Healthy moon is the ability to receive affection without freaking out or trying to grab it before it is given. What perverted moon is you can infer from the above.
Complicating matters is that alot of people pretend to be healthy s or moon, and you gotta watch out for them.
Taken a beautiful poetic idea and mathematicized it. That's what we have brains for, to add that added element.

Cindy said...

me <---------- not glowing

goodnevilguy said...

Now that is good writing and a great parallel to draw from nature which can be both good and evil while it is simultaneously producing life and savagely taking it to maintain its delicate balance. I will have something very interesting to meditate on for the rest of the workday.