Holding Out for a Hero

I ran into a friend's son the other day in the bar side of a restaurant where I was picking up some take-out (the most amazing and addictive hot wings). He called me over just as he was ordering a pitcher of beer for himself and some friends he was expecting. The bartender asked how many glasses he wanted and he said, "um.... five" to which I added, "he wants six." He laughed and graciously poured me a beer. We chatted about personal current events. At one point he said, "Oh hey! I saw you the other night outside the movie theater. You were with a um...... a hero!" Yep. He was right. My guy is a hero. There's hardly another word to describe him. When I told him he'd been referred to as such, he said, "A hero? Why would he call me that?" See. What a hero-ish response. I really had no way of explaining it to him. He just looks like someone who rose up out of the ashes of some ancient Nordic battleground.

I've had the pleasure of waking up with this man at least 250 times now. Every single time, as I watch him get up out of bed, it still amazes me to see him proceed to put on just regular mortal clothing.

But it's not just his appearance (and humility about it) that makes him a hero. He's genuine and true and full of integrity. It's his birthday this weekend. I'm glad he was born.


Susiebadoozie said...

you need to change that title to "held out for a hero, and got him"

so i'm happy for you that he was born too!! and i'm happy that you always focus on his good qualities, and brag on him. does he know how lucky HE is? cause you're a catch to ya know!

cathouse teri said...

Aw, you're such a sweetie. I do think he's equally happy to have me, yes.

I've always said that I think a man who loses me has got to be a fucking idiot!

I'm sure that's true about a lot of women. And men! Hopefully we know our value. We are all heroes to someone, right? I know my children think of me as a hero, and that's all that matters, really. As parents we are exposed to a great deal of criticism, much of it from our own selves. It's so nice when they grow up and say things like, "Mom, you are the most amazing person I know!" :)

Becka said...

I'm speechless, and that's hard to do. haha

The way you describe him (all the time i might add) reminds me of the movie "Adventures in Babysitting". Remember that guy...what was it they called him.... Thor? That's what I'll start referring to ur beau as...instead of chewie. LMAO

Thor.....fits, doncha think?

cathouse teri said...

Thor is my hero.

When he calls me after his martial arts class I always ask him to come over. "After all," I say, "you know I love it when you're fresh from the fight!"

Anonymous said...

Does he wear a cape?

Heros ar n't heros without capes. ;)


JR's Thumbprints said...

There's nothing wrong with a little hero worship now and then. I hope he keeps his super powers and stays away from those evil doctors. They'd rune a man I tell you.

Gary said...

Happy birthday Mr Hero.

Wolfe said...

Ha! I love your references, Teri.

"Holding out for a Hero" was the right title, ditto "fresh from the fight".

Streets of Fire is my 80's musical movie though, not Footloose. (Though didn't they remake Tyler's song? Not sure.)

No argument with the rest of what you say; nicely written as always.