Oh Dear... What Can The Matter Be?

Yes, this is she. The baby who says, "fuckin." She's probably thinking, "How am I going to get that fuckin shoe?" This picture has nothing to do with this post, I was just in the mood to see this cuteness every time I visit my blog page tomorrow.

Seems a fascination abounds regarding my nombre of choice... whore. I have to say that I get a negative response much of the time when I refer to myself thus. I suppose in the days of Shakespeare, if you said you were a player in the theater... the arts, if you will... you were also thought of in a negative light. It was just not done among the rightly minded people.

And why is it so shocking for a woman who calls herself "Cathouse Teri" to say she's a whore?

I don't much like explaining myself. I prefer to let others figure out what they can about something and then settle on whatever makes them comfortable about it. But, since I'm in a sassy mood, I'll endeavor to shed some small amount of light.

I do not, I repeat ~ do NOT ~ believe I am in any way demeaning or devaluing myself by calling myself a whore. I do it to indulge those lesser spirited creatures who insist upon labels. I could just as well say, "You think I'm a bitch? Okay, call me a fucking bitch if it makes you feel better. I ain't gonna change."

Very sexually free, I am. And free in many ways. I will not be bound by a name or by a thought, or some societal righteous norm. And if I want to fuck a different man every night, I will. And I certainly have done that. If I want to meet a stranger at a hotel room, never even knowing his name, I will. And I dare anyone to tell me that I'm all screwed up because I might do such a thing. I have a perfectly healthy and intact ego. I am much averse to the idea that just because a woman likes sex, even casual and raunchy sex, she hates herself in some way. This is simply not true. It may be true in some cases, may be true in even most cases. I can only attest to the fact that it is not true in mine.

So if, in order to be free to express myself sexually, I have to be called a whore, so be it. In fact, I shall embrace it, thorns and all. I spent a great many years trying to be a "good woman." I found that this brought only bondage and despair. I shan't live under that dark shadow any longer. I had to redefine the good woman. I believe I'm an honest woman. I can't think of anything gooder than that. ;)


ian said...

Far as I'm concerned, you enjoy whatever creams your Twinkie. So...going to be in Colorado anytime soon? ;) LOL


ZoeyBella said...

Being a "whore" can be fun sometimes. Why else do you think at 32 years old, I still wear short skirts and take an extra second to bend over in the store when wearing leather pants or tight jeans?

cathouse teri said...

Ian: You're still a silly goose. :)

Kitty Bella: Well sho 'nuff, it's fun! I'll be at work, kneeling at the bookshelf to sort through some books, and one of the guys will walk in to talk to me. We'll finish with our conversation, and I'll say, "So... is there anything else you want me to do while I'm down here?" Hehehehe.

Gunfighter said...

Brava, Teri!

You f***ing whore!


OK... I'll stop now.


cathouse teri said...

Ha ha. That made me laugh out loud, GF. :)

The Exception said...

Have you seen the Vagina Monologues?

Women everywhere could learn a thing or two from this post. Being honestly ourselves is scary and yet liberating. And honesty is something we could use a lot more of!

cathouse teri said...

I have not seen the VM's. In fact, I know very little about them. But I'm sure it's a very entertaining and enlightening show.

Real Life Drama Queen said...

I am always honest to many's dismay.. glad to see I am not the only one. Great post Teri. I won't yell at ya for calling yourself a whore anymore.. I promise LOL

Silver Dragon said...


Ms. Annie D said...

So...you're a woman who loves sex, loves it on her own terms, and sees no reason to disguise that fact?


jessabean said...

I loved this post. One of my college roommates once told me that I will have kids that tell me to "fuck off" by the time they are 5 years old. So thanks for making me feel a little better about that. :)

And thanks for owning your whoredom. I think you would love the VMs. Its in book form too, so you don't have to wait until Valentine's Day.

Rebecca said...

you go girl!!:)

Anonymous said...

Honesty is such a rare thing, women lie to themselves and everyone else in order to be something they THINK people want them to be. It's why I sit home alone most weekends, because the world as a whole can't understand an honest and upfront person. I guess they would rather have backstabbing two faced. I aint gonna change either!

Alice said...

You can't be a whore without the

That means nothing. Just affirming your right to be "whorever" you want to be!