Island Mentality

There's something about islands. Makes us move slowly. Enjoy the moment. Look up and smile at strangers as you pass them by.

I overheard a man at lunch today, complaining about the 25 mph speed limit we have all over the island. He said, "They should have ONE street that moves 45, so you can get across these little five miles in a reasonable amount of time!"

I thought, "Hmmm... like an island expressway! That might be cool!" And then I thought, "No. It wouldn't fit in with the island mentality."

There really is no reason to have such a low speed limit on some of these wide streets. But it seems to really slow people down. To make them resist the urge to hurry. It affects the entire community. I like it.

So I've already fallen in love with my little island.

I come home from lunch and pick up watching "In Her Shoes." I love the movie. But I was watching Cameron Diaz. She is someone I admire. She is just so... HER. I once read a quote where she said, in effect, that a woman shouldn't worry about whether or not she weighs too much or too little. She should just be strong. That is what makes a woman beautiful.

Now I know that she's acting in this movie. But you can't pull that off without having something. And at the end of the movie, as I watched Cameron dance away in the final scene, I realized, she is slow and sure and strong and free. Just like my little island.

What we women need to do, instead of worrying about what we don't have, is just love what we do have. ~ Cameron Diaz


Jami said...

I don't know how big your island is, but assuming that the difference in speed limits is 20 mph (25 vs. 45), that's only a difference of 3/10 of a mile traveled every minute. Big whoop.

FYI, when I was in China I visited an island where there were no motorized vehicles allowed. And there are several islands up in Long Island Sound where I know that's the case. Bicycles or ankle express - that's it.

Adventures In Waitressing said...

This man needs to slow down. My grandmother always said the world was in a hurry to go to hell in a hand basket. Enjoy your Island. And I totally agree with you about Diaz. I love her motto.

Jenn in Holland said...

I like the slow down idea. That's been one of the nicest things about not owning a car here. We can only go as fast as our feet carry us... whether on foot, on bike or on the tram. There is just no way to be in a hurry. You learn to plan the time so you can get place to place and there is very little of the last minute rush in my life now.
I really like that. A lot.

anno said...

Island life sounds dreamy. Speed Demon needs to get with the rhythm. Sounds like you've found the pulse already.

And I completely agree with you about Cameron Diaz -- she's one of those rare people who always has everything in perfect alignment. Very free.

cathouse teri said...

Steven Wright says, "Everything is within walking distance if you have the time."

jennifer said...

Teri- you're on an island? That's surely the source of your eternal smile (I know I can't see you, but I just have that image of you).

Anonymous said...

Well, that is part of the charm of island life, the slow pace of it

Diesel said...

I'll believe anything a hot chick tells me.

Jenn in Holland said...

I have something for you. Come over to see today!

Maisha said...

sweet post,kitty.i love it.especially the part about true.

ZoeyBella said...

I grew up on an island. Beach island, no less... Can't rush things in life. Just enjoy them, right?

Shelby said...

Hi - I came via Jenn in Holland - you do rock!

Love this post - really it's awesome. I need more like it.

Take care and happy Monday :)

zog said...

Well, now you've done it. I read your post and now I'm trying to figure out when I can get back to Mackinac Island. Not exactly tropical, but the speed is just what the doctor ordered for Z.

cathouse teri said...

Purrty Jami: My island is about 5 miles by 3 miles.

Kitty Waiting: Young people often do need to slow down.

JennMiao: Well I wouldn't go so far as to not own a car! EEK!

Kitty Anno: I like that. The pulse. You always know how to express things purrfectly!

Jennifer Cat: I do smile a lot. :)

ba doozie: Charm is where it's at!

diesel: You get a spankin.

MaishaMeow: Always nice to see you!

Kitty Bella: It's quite CLEAR that you grew up on an island. You are an island girl!

Kitty Shelby: Thanks for stopping! Fresh faces always welcome.

ZogMama: Love seeing you here! Thanks for commenting!

Brillig said...

It's very hard for me to slow down. I love the idea of it, but actually implementing it is very difficult for me... I think I'd like it a lot better though.

CableGirl said...

Hi there. Got to you through Jenn. I wanted to see who she thought rocks.

Your island sounds like a fantastically laid back place to live. There is certainly something to be said for making people slow down in life.

jessabean said...

Island life sounds fucking awesome!

Silver Dragon said...

I've lived on an island for most of my life. It is a sweet life, except that small communities like these do get boring a bit quickly.

Oh, and Cameron Diaz is a hottie. I would like, very much, to make sexy times with her.

Gunfighter said...

I have always found Cameron Diaz to be rather vapid.

I also think she looks a bit like a frog.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Every year I go to Sanibel Island on the FL west coast. I love it. I am never in a great hurry to do anything, so the low speed limits are no big deal.

The problem is the cops. They are bored and have nothing - NOTHING - to do. So they will give you a parking ticket at the drop of a hat.

Brad K. said...


I like the way Harrison Ford explained it to Anne Heche in Six Days, Seven Nights: "It's an island, babe. If you don't bring it here, you won't find it here!"

What you sense is deprivation. All the things that didn't make it to the island not longer occupy a place in the world. Your heart, mind, and spirit still encompass the world, but the sensations, the concepts, the limits that make up the island have now expanded to fill the world that you perceive.

Like love growing in small walls, from shared breaths, an island makes a bigger home in a smaller world.

Sorry that comes out kinda obscure. I seem to be feeling poetic (romatic? Dreamy?) today.