My Meagre Life

Now there's a word. It means "deficient in quality or quantity." My life is not deficient in either. But then again, some might think so. I am not wealthy, yet I am very rich. I have very little, yet I would be hard pressed to list the abundance. I grew up in a modest home, full of my mother's paintings. To me, that's just one small example of how rich I am.

So, here's the thing. I live in a two-bedroom place. There is not a bit of furniture in any room, except the bedroom. I already had a mattress set (queen-sized of course) but I was looking for a wrought iron frame for it. You'd think that I would spend the extra money I have this payday on at least buying a little furniture for... say... the living room. Or you'd think I'd save my money for the sake of emergency. But nooooooooooooo... I am of a mind that when you get home every day (even if you were gone only ten minutes) you should walk into your bedroom and say to yourself, "God, I love my bed!"

So today, I went shopping at the estate sale showroom mentioned in a previous post. I found a beautiful antique iron frame for my bed. It was a steal at six hundred and forty bucks. (Now remember, six hundred bucks in my world is a LOT of money!) It was delivered around 1 p.m. I made the bed and then went out for a bit. When I came home just now and walked into my room I thought to myself, "God, I love my bed!"

That's exactly what I was after. Remember, folks. The BED is the most important piece of furniture in your home! Here's a picture of mine. (Yes, the walls are all bare and the bedding leaves much to be desired, but that will come too, in time. And I am only going to have original art in my little dwelling. Hung from picture rails! I have fucking picture rails!)


Real Life Drama Queen said...

Love your new bed. Looks beautiful and comfy. I agree completely. My bed has cost me more then any other piece of furniture in any house I have ever owned. The bed is the one you spend the most time in. It is your comfort zone. Good choice!

btw.. just for you.. I updated my blog.


Vixen said...

Sigh. I want your bed. looks so comfy yet classic. Congratulations. I guess you are a minimalist?

cathouse teri said...

Thanks, sweetie!

I was just lying in bed thinking, I don't believe I've ever had a bed like this in all of my life! And since I'm just three years away from fifty, I'd say it's just about fuckin' time! :)

cathouse teri said...

Oh hi vix! You snuck in there!

I think minimalist kinda describes me. Yup.

And yet, I'm extreme! Go figure.

Brillig said...

Mmmm, beautiful! I love it! And from your descriptions, there ain't nothing "meager" about your life. We just moved into a fully furnished house, so we left all of our old furniture in storage, except for the bed. Not because my bed is better or more expensive or fancier or any of that, but because it's my bed!!!

Adventures In Waitressing said...

You can be a minimalist and be extreme.. Just be extreme in your minimal choices. Which sounds like you are doing. Forgot to mention above.. Your bed looks more comfy then mine. Trade ya mine for yours? Kidding.

Anonymous said...

dang girl that is awesome....I have a stupid sleigh bed and no handcuffs can be used

Katya said...

i want your beeeed!gimme your beeeed!i want!i want!i want!

yeah,that was freaky i bed on my blog is the one i want to grow old and die in.



cathouse teri said...

Kitty Brill: I'm sure you love having your own damn bed. Glad you're feeling better.

ba doozie: (Don't tell anyone, but the handcuffs are the reason I went shopping for THIS very bed. I may even hang them up as part of the decor. I do have a pretty red satin ribbon attached to the key.)

MaishaMiao: Well let's just hope you don't have to wait until you're almost fifty for it!

cathouse teri said...

RLDQ: I once met a man who owned a small plane that was called MiniMax. Strangely, he gave me that as my nick on the online account he gave me. (Long story, don't ask why he was giving me online accounts.)

Jenn in Holland said...

Hey! I love your bed!
I totally agree about the most important piece in the house. I love my bed too, and it's not even mine. It is one of the few pieces that was in the house when we moved in. However, I love it for all it represents. The lazy weekend mornings, the rowdy loving nights, the refuge from pain, the place of quiet and comfort. It's not much to look at but it means EVERYTHING to me. My bedroom is my favorite place in my house.

BBC said...

My bed base is a very well made base out of a ship, Russian as I recall. The mattress is old but seems comfy.

I haven't gotten around to painting since gutting out the interior and completely redoing it with new wiring, insulation, wallboard, etc, but I'm comfy here.

And I sleep under a very special quilt every night that a very special lady made for me. What more could a man want? Besides his own special lady that is.

BBC said...

Oh, I do have a really nice queen size bed frame and head board with posts, but there is no need for me to set it up for just me so I stick with my single bed.

The most important feature too me is the Owl chalice and sea shells on the wall at the head of my bed.

BBC said...

May I make one more comment?

I once paid a thousand bucks for a bed, I hated that fucking bed, it was like sleeping on a rock. An air bed is my favorite. But the last two I bought started leaking early.

The Exception said...

The bed - it is essential that it be fabulous. For me, that means great sheets. Finding great sheets is not that easy though. It is an endless search .

Love your frame though. Great find!

Rebecca said...

your bed is divine.... heavenly

I couldn't agree more that a bed is a very important piece of is just the best place in the world for so many reasons