When Bloggers Collide

OMG! BFF! Don't ya love meeting your blogger friends? I met up last weekend with Vixen, of the Bad Girls Guide. This was our second meeting. She drove out to my town this time and we had a helluva time. It just makes me sad that EVERYONE couldn't be there.
Our Miss Jenn of Holland read Vixen's post and said, "Ooooooooooooo, shoes!" So I took a picture of the shoes I was wearing and here you go! Feet up on the desk and everything!

Vix calls me a shoe whore. I do have a fair amount of GORGEOUS shoes. But only because I have a gracious friend who loves to make me pretty. She's always been that way, even in high school. It's nice when you have female friends who are not in competition with you. I think women should love seeing one another shine.

When Our Miss Bad Girl showed up on Sunday, she was shining! She's a beautiful woman and was dressed in one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen. It was handcrafted in Nigeria and the bright blue and red was stunning. We drove around town a bit until we found a lovely little Indian restaurant. We spent hours there talking about very real life. My favorite subject.

So, when it comes to meeting our fellow blog-writers, I'd recommend Vixen very highly. A true pleasure of a meeting. You can visit her blog to see her take on the visit!

And I expect to see all of you at her blog and commenting quite frequently from now on! I'll be watching you!


Sornie said...

I have to ask what the tatoo is

Jami said...

OOOOOooooo .... sshhoooooooes! Really cute shoes! Does your friend want to adopt another girlfriend whom she could help look pretty by buying her cute and/or sexy and/or cool new shoes? If so, I volunteer!!

Oh, Oh - pick me! Pick me!

cathouse teri said...

Sornie: You can find the tattoo story here~

Jammie! You are on the list already! :)

Brillig said...

Oooooooo, shooooooes!

Gorgeous, of course. You saucy little thing... Yes, I may even throw a "meow" in here for you.

Jami said...

I just realized I never sent you my address, which is why I haven't gotten any shoes yet. Right? I haven't gotten my shoes because you don't have my address? Right? Right?

anno said...

I think I need some shoes like those. Really. Need them.

Shanshu said...

I've never met a blogger in real life before. That seems scary somehow. But I'm glad you had a good time.

Part of me would be wondering the whole time either one of two things:

1-Is this person going to stab me? 2-What do they look like naked?

Dan said...

Teri, that's a wonderful photo of you! And don't worry, I'm off to your friend's blog to see what's going on! Hugs!

cathouse teri said...

Kitty Brill: Meow. There, I said it!

Jammie! Gimme!

Anno: Just put your name on the list!

Shanshu: No! It's tons of fun to meet people! And who cares if they stab you!

Dan: You are always so sweet!

Thanks to everyone for visiting Vixen's blog. Now I want to see you there ALL the time!


Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

Nice pics Teri!
***Wolf whistles***


I guess I too am a Shoe Slut then!


Diesel said...

Yes ma'am.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I need another blog spy report. I did not know some people had problems viewing the site. I think I fixed it now.

It looks fine for me on my laptop and desktop.

Shanshu said...

Who cares if they stab me??

Well...I care if they stab me, actually. I don't like to be stabbed. I tried it once or twice, and it always hurt and stuff almost always leaked out of me.

Ms. Annie D said...

LOVE that picture of you, Teri!

And those shoes are very sexy. Bet your BF likes them ;-)

Someday, maybe, when I'm up north, I'll be able to meet you and Vixen?

jennifer said...

Wow- gorgeous!

cathouse teri said...

Keshi: Thanks, sweetie! Love it when a woman wolfe whistles at me!

Diesel: You're such the-appearance-of-an-obedient-boy!

Lazy Iggy: K.. as you wish.

Shanshu: Don't be silly, you know you loved it! You guys love leaking stuff all over the place.

Ms. Annie: Let's do it!

Jennifer: Thanks so much! Always a pleasure to see you here. Can I offer you a drink?

Anonymous said...

I'd kill myself in those shoes and or fall down in a hole. Nice pic of U...you naughty little minx!

Real Life Drama Queen said...

Had to post on this one. I love Vixen. I get to meet her finally in April.. I hope. If things go right. Will be nice to see the face in real life that I have talked to for years.

So happy you had fun!

Jenn in Holland said...

oooooooo.....shooooooooes! I am so glad I get to see them again. Even though I have them already saved in MY PICTURES file. I don't think Those file shares just made me giggle.
And, uh, is there a sign up for getting some shooooooooooes? I want them. Really I do.