I Love To Go A-Wandering

I was driving southbound on the 5 freeway in Los Angeles yesterday evening at around six p.m. This is crazy, you say? Of course it is. And I make this 450 mile trip at least twice a month! As I drove I watched the people around me. I saw a car going the other direction in which one man (passenger) was laughing uncontrollably and talking on a cell phone. The other man (driver) was completely stoic and looking straight at the road ahead. I thought, Hmm… those two men are having entirely different experiences here in the traffic today. I resisted the sudden urge to yell at the man driving, “Sucks to be you!”

As I drove, and watched everyone get all fucked up and frustrated because they can’t seem to get two or three cars further up in line, I began to wonder. Why is it that we get so angry when we’re stuck in traffic? Why, as two bloggers have recently pointed out, is a double drive-thru conducive to stabbings?

I was perfectly happy in my car, moving at a snail’s pace. But why? Well, I had great music on the stereo. I was comfortable. It was hotter than hell out there, but I had my A/C on. I had a full tank of gas. Now, don’t get me wrong! I was in a hurry, just like everyone else! I very much wanted to get where I was going! After all, I was gonna get laid! This is important to me! But I was okay right where I was, too.

So is that it? Are we all in a hurry to be anywhere but here? Can we not enjoy where we are any more? We seem to have never outgrown that impatient childish question, “Are we there yet?”

I’ve been a lot of places. Which means I’ve been on my way to a lot of places! My father taught me very early on that you should never wait for the merriment to begin when you get to your destination. You should start the fun when you leave the house. That too, is part of the pleasure. We have all read the quips about how it’s the journey that matters, not the destination. And we all know this is really a lie. If I’m getting all dressed up to go to a big event for which I purchased tickets months ago, I’m pretty sure that when I remember the evening, it won’t be the journey that stands out. But the journey can certainly be a part of the lovely, exciting or quirky story.

So here is my conclusion. I say we should just enjoy ourselves right where we are. Because we certainly can’t enjoy ourselves right where we are not! I’m tired of being in a hurry to get where I’m not. Over There is usually overrated anyway.


Anonymous said...

You're right...now when I look down at my bracelet I can think of this post. There you go again making too much sense instead of just being pretty!!! lol


i hate internet acronyms

I hate being in a hurry
I love road trips I bet we would have a fun one! I'm a lot of fun as if you didn't know that.

I'm first!!

Who cares!!!

ZoeyBella said...

Hate driving in traffic. Never liked it. Never will. Not much I can add to that.

cathouse teri said...

You girls. I love ya!

Real Life Drama Queen said...

I love it.. and can't wait to do it again... that goes for driving the car as well. Not just the getting laid part. LMAO

Great post Teri!!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Being stuck in traffic sucks. You just sit there, going nowhere. And it pisses you off.

Now if you can amuse yourself while you are stuck in the car - then that is one thing. But with all the random drug tests these days, nobody can just relax and smoke some pot while stuck in the car. So the whole ordeal is very stressful.

As long as I am moving, and I am not on a tight time frame, I do not get stressed while stuck in the car. I know when to expect it.

Jenn in Holland said...

Hear! Hear! I completely agree and this is one of the reasons I COMPLETELY ENJOY not owning a car...
But with or without, and no matter the transportation, the journey is the thing. Or at least is part of the thing... and should be enjoyed as part and not just as means to an end.
Well said Teri. (especially the part about how important YOUR destination was. Hahahahaha!)

Jami said...

I had a friend that anytime we went anywhere together, I had to insist that she NOT drive. She just got way too wound up if she wasn't going at least 60 and when she got cranky I got scared.

If you live in America - especially in a big city - and you own a car that you insist on driving, you need to realize that it's going to take you an open-ended but finite time to get anywhere ... and you'll probably move slowly when you're moving. You'll get there when you get there. Watch the other people. Watch the scenery. Compose a haiku or two. Or get your good friend to drive while you take a nap.

Crabby said...

I never worry about slow traffic. It's the one time of the day I get to be a rock star and sing my heart out. If I'm anywhere that people can hear me, I get yelled at.

Shanshu said...

OMG I can't stand traffic. It makes me crazy in my brain and causes me to lash out verbally against people who can't even hear what I'm saying.

Then I shake my fists and get all red, and nothing ever happens to calm me down. Sometimes I can't stand to even LOOK at those other drivers.

That's why I drive with my eyes closed, now.

MilkMaid said...

CRABBY...knock off all that singing up there.

Yanno...when we were kids we used to count (VW) Bugs. Now, my kid counts how many assholes are on their cellphones driving.

Variant E said...

I'll send this down to the local prison...they're going to soak up the concept ;)

cathouse teri said...

DQ: Yep, love the getting laid part!

Lazy Iggy: Yes, I suppose the idea of moving does help. :)

Jenn: I hate not owning a car! I am not at all advocating such an idea!

Jammies: Insist of driving? Yes I do!

Crabby: Now there's my positive crabby girl!

Shanshu: Yes, the eyes closed always helps.

MM: My kids slug you in the leg when they see an out of state license plate.

Varient E: Welcome and yes! Even though I know you were being a smart-ass, the prison is the purrfect place to soak this up! After all, what choice do you have??

anno said...

I never hurry anywhere.

But, if Over There is anywhere around your place, I doubt it's overrated.

cathouse teri said...

That was pretty cute, Anno. :)

Jenn in Holland said...

I am not saying YOU shouldn't own a car, I am only saying that this is one of the reasons I enjoy NOT owning a car.
Just sayin'.