Can't You Hear the Angels Callin'?

So yeah, I'm not really gracious at all. For instance, I have been exposed to the web world for a number of years. My profiles say that I'm in a relationship. Yet I still get contacted by men who say, "yr my kind of women u want a fuck buddy?"

I have a myspace account. All my old-school IT friends turn their noses up at me. They say myspace is for perverts and lame-ass uncreative people who don't know enough to make their own web pages. Well, it's entirely possible that I fit into BOTH of those categories.

But my experience with myspace has been very positive. Even though I still get the idiotic messages asking for a poke. Here is what I recently added to my profile, in hopes of deterring said messages.
Calling all dumbfucks! If you are a dumbfuck and perusing my profile, by all means, please do ignore the fact that I am in a relationship and send me a message advising me that you are looking for a woman. It goes over very well with me.

Not exactly gracious. Hee.

I started up a Myspace account at the prompting of my youngest son. But it turned out to be a really neat way to keep in touch with my nieces and the young people I know, as well. I have spent a life around young people. Honestly. I didn't mean for it to be this way. When I was a young woman of eighteen or twenty, I would walk by children playing and just shudder. I mean shudder! I did NOT want to have THOSE in my life. Apparently, the powers-that-be had other plans for me. I mean yes, I did get pregnant. And I had no problem at all being happy about the pregnancy. And I adored that child. Still do. I got pregnant two more times, even! Once, on PURPOSE! Sheesh! But just because you have kids, doesn't necessarily mean you have to HAVE kids! My house is where the kids of the neighborhood hung out. My house is where working mothers brought their sick children when the daycare wouldn't take them. My house is where the parties were. Where the moms gathered for coffee, while the kids played in the back yard. My house was kid central!

I really loved all of those children. As I got older, my kids got older, right? But my damn friends would keep having kids! So there were always babies to rock. Toddlers to enjoy. And now that my friends aren't having children any more, my children are having children!

And I swear to you, when I walk down the street, if children see me, they follow me like I'm the fucking pied piper! God put some sort of mark on me. Maybe it's a sign that says, "Kick me," I dunno.

I know women who are mothers of grown children who say things like, "Wow! Look at that baby! It's been so long since I've taken care of a baby, I don't think I'd know how!" I have never uttered those words. Once, a friend came over to my house. My kids were all teens at the time and off doing their own thing. Her little four-year-old was bouncing around, being all precocious and darling. My friend says to me, "Don't you miss having little ones around?" I answer, "When exactly would I miss it?"

So back to Myspace. I knew many young people. When I got a divorce, most of their parents shunned me. So my auntie relationship with those kids disappeared. Until they found me on Myspace. :)

Now I enjoy that contact. These young people have helped me through some very hard times. They alway tell me how much they love me and how I rock and what a lovely inspiration I am to them! Food for the soul... food for the soul...

Clearly, in the plan, it was for my benefit that all of these were put into my life. I suppose they benefit, too. But I think I'm getting the best end of the bargain.


George said...

What's important is that you're you ... who the hell cares if your life has taken a different tangent than the lives of those others you knew as a girl, as a student, as a whatever. So what if you have a myspace account. Aren't you entitled to do things that you enjoy ... why are we always expected to be a member of the sheep? When something big or traumatic happens you really find out who your friends are

cathouse teri said...

No worries, george baby. I have no trouble being me. As you can see.

anno said...

You remind me exactly of my friend Annie. But younger. Are you sure you're not Sicilian?

cathouse teri said...

I might be! Who knows? :)

BBC said...

I know of my space, but all I have time for is my blog and visiting other blogs.

I have another life also and I'm not going to let a computer be all of it.

I wouldn't depend on any computer friend, but I can depend on my friends here in town.

My blog is just where I can share all that is in my head with others.

BBC said...

And of course, keep being you, that is what I do.

Dan said...

Yet I still get contacted by men who say, "yr my kind of women u want a fuck buddy?"

The first guy who says that to me ... I'm running for the hills!

Anonymous said...

you are awesome, you are one of my most admired peeps and I'm not just saying that. I have a mark on me as well, so we have that in common, the kids just are drawn to us, ......susiesusie..susie...look at this, watch me....just from kids I met five minutes prior at the skate park. I love kids...they are my LIFE

Gunfighter said...

Having young people drawn to you is a gift, Teri... at least, that's what I think.

As for MySpace... who cares what some peop;e think?

I have a MySpace account... I don't use uit for much, other than to stay in touch with my 18 year old, college student daughter. She has a page, her friends have pages, and she says that her friends think "itz cul that ur dad has a page, dude!" Or words to that efffect.

Jami said...

Yep, you get a lot out of having kids around but I'm thinking that maybe the kids come out on the best end of the deal because they've got someone like you in their lives. FWIW, I've always loved kids and knew that I'd have them. I just didn't think it would take as long as it did.

Ms. Annie D said...

You have a MySpace page? Where's the linky-link? Don't see it in the post, or in your sidebar.

I've thought about getting one myself.

Maybe my twenty-somethin' nieces and nephews would visit me there too.

exskindiver said...

FWIW (I had to decipher what Jamie was saying...)
I too have an acct. that use to stay in touch with nieces and nephews.
(It is called multiply)

sometimes its seems strange to get a note from a 15 year old friend of "someone in my network"

that your home was and is always open is testament to you, ms.cathouse teri.

Chris said...

I have a myspace too, mostly so I can read my son's blog.

That is horrible that you got shunned at that difficult time in your life. I guess it is like they say, that events like that let you know who your real friends are.

Maisha said...

i love you teri.

wolfe said...

So what are you saying babe?

wanna hook up? I didn't read most of your post after you said you were looking for guys on myspace, it was too long and I don't read so good.


Liquid said...

I bear the same mark and sometimes I am POSITIVE it says: "Kick me"

Great post! The honesty of it all touched me.

Have a super day!

Maybe I need to pay closer attention to MySpace.