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So I went to see the movie, 3:10 to Yuma this weekend. Super good movie. Very thought provoking and full of insight into the lives of men. Not a lot about women, but that’s okay. What little there was about women was good. But I like the study of men. There was a serious struggle on the part of one of the main characters, played by the most excellent and superb Christian Bale. A father whose son sees him as a weakling. As a man who is unwilling to fight in the way the boy thinks a man should. And in the course of the story, the boy finds out a lot about the hardness of life. Russell Crowe is wonderful, as was expected. And full of his own demons (and angels). Highly recommended by the cathouse.

Got a call yesterday morning that my baby (The Sweet Light That Shines) was in the hospital. Her tummy was hard and distended and they discovered she had three days worth of food in her system. Not a good thing. They took x-rays. The nurse said to her, “We’re going to take a picture of your belly, okay?” Bryn says, “Oh goodie!” (Loves having her picture taken.) Nurse says, “Go stand over there and we’ll take the picture.” Bryn says, “Stand on the square?” “Yep.” (Anyone who has been around my blog for long, knows how fucking seriously Bryn takes her fucking shapes!) She stands on the square and says, “Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!”

Then the doctors and nurses tortured her for awhile, taking blood tests and stool samples and inserting catheter and giving enemas. Poor thing. Makes me cry. I asked her mommy if she was scared and she said, “Yes, she’s was crying a lot.” Then went on to tell me that, at one point, they wanted to take another picture of her tummy, but she had to lie down on a table this time and a machine was going to roll over top of her. This upset her immensely and she didn’t want to cooperate. The nurse said, “If you sit still for the picture, I’ll give you as many of these stickers as you want!” Bryn says, “Can I have three of them?” (God love the little children. They think three is a lot.) Nurse says, “Of course you can have three!” Bryn adds, “Because I’m three!” And then, “Can I have the princess sticker? Because I’m a princess! Huh, mom, I’m a princess.. huh?” (nodding)

And she is. A real princess. Which is cool. We all think our daughters and granddaughters are princesses, but this one really is. So there.

She's okay now. Her mommy took her home after about twelve hours in the hospital. (They got her all cleaned out.) They wanted to keep her a little longer, just to be sure she was eating okay. Mommy said, "I can do that at home." I wish I was a brave mommy like that when I was her age. I thought doctor's were the bosses of me back then.

Also, if you all recall, a few months ago my other baby (The Precious Pearl) was going to move in with me, but events went a different direction. Now, plans are in order to get The Sweet Light and her mommy moved in with me at the end of November. Yay us!

POSTSCRIPT: BrynLeigh's daddy (Jake) just found out today that his wife is having a boy. I told Bryn's mommy (Tiny) and she advised Bryn that she's gonna have a baby brother. Bryn said, "It's my brother not yours, k?"


anno said...

That's good news about Sweet Light. Both that she's doing ok, and that she & her mommy are going to be living with you soon. I'm sorry about the worry you must have had this weekend, though.

I might have to see this movie.

Jami said...

Great to hear that everything came out OK. (I wrote that and then realized how it sounds, but that's not what I meant!) I'm glad everybody is doing well now.

Too cool! A whole ... umm ... what IS the term for a group of cats? ... bunch of kitties in the Cathouse!

But I got y'all beat in the royalty department because Fireball actually has the same names (first and middle names, anyway) as a former queen and doesn't hesitate to pull rank when she thinks she needs to.

Christine said...

Is it a herd of kitties? You're going to have so much fun!

Anonymous said...

well daggum it, that is not nice for a child to be tortured in that way but I'm glad she got all cleaned out.

i want to see that movie..totally

Diesel said...

What a sweetheart. I hope she's ok.

That was a great movie, wasn't it?

cathouse teri said...

Anno: Worry is no fun, that's for sure. Nearly kilt her daddy!

Jammies: Yes, you and your little queen!

Christine: Herd of kitties! Purrfect!

Doozie: Ya, the children ought not to be tortured.

Diesel: Yes, she is a love, and YES, movie was sooooo good! I take it you saw it!

wanderling said...

3 is the most perfect age. Why can't they stay 3?

jennifer said...

Brave little girl. Hospitals are scarier than haunted houses if you ask me.
Good for you that everything turned out ok.

ZoeyBella said...

I never liked cowboy movies that much, but since you say it's good, I might just check it out. ;)

Mrs4444 said...

Okay, speaking of Gramma's here's your joke. Don't say I didn't warn you, and I'm posting on this old post so less people see it.

Okay, I started it and stopped it again. I just have to wait. It's way too over the top for this point in our relationship (trust me!). I LOVE your blog, however, and plan to do a lot of catch-up reading in the weeks to come. I'll write the joke down the road...

Madame X said...

Just stoppin' by from Sage's pimping. Great site! Loved reading many of your archives. What a beautiful family you have!