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Yep... movie critic time:

Sunday. August 29. Kill Bill Party.
Watched the Kill Bills, back to back. Getalonghome Cindy was there to narrate, just in case we had questions. But only when we asked. She's not the type to intrude on art just to hear her own voice. And being the one who appreciates Tarantino's work, it was her idea to have the party.
Vol 1: Excellently and creatively presented. It was both visually and intellectually stimulating. The exaggerated "cartoonish" theme was balanced well. (Is it possible to be balanced in cartoon world?) I wouldn't call myself a fan of anime, but this movie could put me on that track.
Vol 2: Q & U's "Bride" shines. A heroine in the truest sense of the word. And the conflicted villain developed before our eyes, with David Carradine being a person he MUST identify with on some major level. Either that, or he's the greatest actor alive. Because he WAS Bill.
I'd been told that I could see the second movie (said to be better by far than the first), without having to view the first. This is true. The storyline is complete and flashbacks can be relied upon to provide explanations. Vol 2 being responsible to fill in those questions that were opened up by Vol 1. BUT in order to comprehend the fullness of the characters, as well as the diversity and sheer genius of the writers/producers/directors............................ you gotta see both. If you are content to just know the story... well shit... here it is in a nutshell:
Love and hate, life and death... in the underworld... make for hazy lines. A lioness and her cub are not to be messed with. You will die.


Becka said...

ahhh your description intrigues me.... i never had the urge to see either of the Kill Bill's until i read your review. lol they should hire you!

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