California or Bust!

So… tomorrow I depart to the sunny shores of southern California. Going to watch my youngest boy play the first football game of this year. It’s Varsity this time, and he’s the captain! Yep and he deserves it. A hard working young man, if ever I saw one. Erin is there, as well, so we will be making a ya-ya party of it every day.

We will go visit Jack, my screenwriter friend in Santa Monica. Jack lives in a hi-rise apartment building right on the beach. It’s gorgeous and when I took my young friend, Amy, there a couple of years ago, she dubbed Jack “a god.”

Two years ago, when Erin turned eighteen, she said the only thing she wanted for her birthday was a dozen roses delivered… with a card signed, “Love, Mel.” Well, that ain’t much to ask, is it? I figured it was worth asking Jack about. After all, he’s as close to show biz and I’m gonna get. I sent him an email to which he replied, “I don’t know Mel Gibson, but his brother lives in my building.” I’m serious. That’s the entirety of the email… verbatim. I called him immediately and said, “WHAT?” and blah blah blah… so I got Mel’s brother’s phone number and called him. “Hello? I’m a friend of Jack’s. He gave me your number. We have an idea for a fun thing that will make a young girl very happy. My daughter’s birthday is coming up and I wondered… if you might… well… if I paid for it… would you send her a dozen roses?” He was a bit stunned. He said, “Can you call me back in a day or two after I’ve thought about it?” “Sure.” Later, he told Jack, “Tell your friend… that’s just not my cup of tea.” Mean, mean man. How does he expect to make it big when he can’t even do the little things? Hmmm…

Anyway, it’s been a lovely day. I went to lunch with my baby sister, Erika, and her daughter. Graci is attending culinary school in San Francisco. Driving back was as relaxing as it gets. The weather is purrrrrrrfect. And listening to Les McCann and Eddie Harris play, “Compared to What” makes for a satisfying afternoon. And tomorrow, heading for full sunshine.


Cindy said...

so.....california-or-bust woman......what was it like staying in the den of the desert fox?

Wickedhazel said...

How very cool! Never been to Cali, and I woulda thought Mel's brother woulda been nicer than that... hmmm. Maybe nextime.

cathouse teri said...

To my readers:
1) The visit to the desert fox's den was very lovely. His hospitality was minimal, but my stay required no more. I arrived after he was in bed, so he had directed me to where the guest room would be, which would include a bed with fresh sheets. I entered the quiet house, only to wonder (what if I'm in the wrong house?) which prompted me to search for some evidence of his name on something... aha! found a prescription... so I settled in for the night. He arose at five a.m. so I felt compelled to at least greet my host before he took off for his tee time. Had a quick cup of coffee with him and discussed his recent romance with a beautiful european, then readied for my continued drive to CA.
2) I agree! Mel's brother SHOULD have been nicer... but it's a fun, if anticlimactic, story.

Cindy said...

when you see jack...tell him to call mels brother...and leave a msg to send me something.
and then mels brother can call jack back and give jack an answer. then jack can call you and ..
you can give me an answer.

cathouse teri said...

I should have just sent Erin flowers and signed the card,
"From Mel's brother's neighbor's friend"