On a Lighter Note

I just got back from visiting family in Utah. My youngest son went with. In fact, he did 98% if the driving. He hadn't seen his niece since Christmas, so it's been awhile for him! And her second birthday is coming up on 9/11.

I was there two nights, and both nights my grandbaby spent the night. The first morning, I got up with her so her daddy could sleep in. I made her some scrambled eggs, toast and then she had some applesauce. I was tired, though, as I'd been up until one that morning. I took her outside to swing on the old swing in Mom and Dad's back yard. We had moved there in 1970, and I can't remember whether this swing was there already or if Dad put it up. Mom and Dad were gone on a trip, so I couldn't ask them! It's just a portion of fence, hung up with heavy cord onto one end of the clothesline. Just under the big tree. It's a real swing where you have to learn how to balance in order not to flip over on your head. Not like the newfangled things these days where you just get to put a kid into it and just let 'em hang there until they're sick of it. She was getting the hang of it, but was nowhere near ready to do it herself. So I picked her up and I walked and skipped and ran up and down the hill and played catch with her. I did this for about three hours and then went into the house and woke up daddy (and uncle). I said, "WHY would anyone ever have children? Now get up and take care of this baby. I'm going back to bed!" :)

(I forgot to add that I was going back to bed 'cause I'd been up all night partying! Like every grandma should!)

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Becka said...


i dunno why ppl have children either. wouldn't you just rather have grandchildren? haha