Ba Doozie...

... is a floozie! (She's not really, but it rhymes!)

Here's something I never want to hear a man say to me:
"Which bus line do I take to get to your house?"

My sister was asked to participate in a fund raising event, in which she would have to play soccer. She said, "Can't you just put a little love sack out on the field and pretend it's me?"

I'm just rambling, because I want to try this linkage thingy that ba dooz sent me.

Here's where I'm going to buy all my furniture. One piece at a time.

Something to Sell About

Also (since I fuckin know how to do this shit now!) EVERYONE go read Diesel's commentary on a recently released movie: (Spoilers dead ahead... and I mean dead!)

Spiderman Fan Loses Heart


cathouse teri said...

Holy fuck! It worked! First try!

*Teri kisses ba dooz until it makes da nooz!*

(Sad rhyming day for the kittyhaus)

Thanks pal! I hope this doesn't mean people will expect me to stop being retarded.

Adventures In Waitressing said...

LOL.. congrats.. now you just have to teach me how to do it.. spread the non sexual love LOL

cathouse teri said...

Honey, they ain't nuthin non-sexual about me! :)

jessabean said...

Fuck fuck fuck!

Just felt like saying it, that's all.

Glad you figured out how to link out. You are well on your way to computer geekdom now.

jessabean said...

And P.S.: For your first geeky task, you must change the link to my blog in your sidebar.

Just go to your Layout screen and click the "Edit" link on the People Who Thrill Me section (I'm flattered, by the way). Then edit my link.

Or you can leave it the way it is, because that post will be there to redirect to my new home.

Fuck that was a long comment.

Anonymous said...

trust me I've still been plenty retarded even with this knowledge! good job, I knew you could do it

Dan said...

Here's something I never want to hear a man say to me:
"Which bus line do I take to get to your house?"

OK, I promise.

By the way, which bus line do I take to get to your street?

Worker Mommy said...

"Here's something I never want to hear a man say to me:
"Which bus line do I take to get to your house?"

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to stop laughing any time soon about that.

But here's a question for you what if he's smokin' hot and has great skillz in the bedroom...would you reconsider :) ?

The Exception said...

Congrats on the linking!

Watch out blog world, here shes...


And thanks for noting me in your roll. I am quite flattered.

Brillig said...

Congrats on learning how to link!!! You've been blogging for HOW long now? ;-) Hahaha. I'm just kidding. Your links are lovely, dear. Well done.

lady macleod said...

"Which bus line?" Run! Run!

Well done on your new expertise.

cathouse teri said...

jessa: Thanks for the challenge! I did it! Yay me!

ba Dooz: Now it's all your fault that I know a little something. If anyone wants me to do that, now I have to! :)

Dan Man: Well a man like you can come to my street or my house any way you can get there!

Worker Mommy: True! Hot man can make his way in any way possible and find welcomeness! (see Dan Man above) The fact is, my boyfriend is so smokin hot that I've broken many of my own rules in giving him any privilege he likes!

Exceptional One: No flattery necessary! You deserve it!

Kitty Brill: Thanks for admiring my linkage! ;)

lady m: Nice to see you again! See what you started! First you made me less of a retard and now ba Doozie is doing it! Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

now you can use the little tags listed right here above this comment box...for italics, bold and strikethrough. YEAH

cathouse teri said...

OH hell! I have to do more?

The Exception said...

And now you can practice as I just tagged you.

Happy Wednesday!

ZoeyBella said...

And I was wondering if we were gonna get through an update without any f-bombs. Guess not! :P

cathouse teri said...

f-bombs R Us!

Diesel said...

Hey, Teri! Thanks for linking to my review/diatribe. :)