God Is Not Mocked

This post has nothing to do with that title. I just wanted to say that. Because... well... He's not! :)

You know what I hate? I hate comments by anony-mouses. I mean, talk about fuckin chicken shit! Get a damn name for your damn comment. When I come across those mousey comments, I don't even read them because if you can't claim your own words, I don't have any interest in them. Even if you are in the witness protection program you can have a fake blogger name! Sheesh! So if you want to be a mousey anony person, then just keep the cloak on and hang around with Murky and Lurky.

There, I said it.

Also, Part Deux of the world of gentle mans, I have a story to tell. (No doubt this shocks you.)

When my youngest was a newborn, I had occasion to ride a bus from Ogden, Utah to Santa Ana, California. My parents were living there and I was going to surprise Mom by showing up to ride with her on the trip back to Utah (they were moving back, God knows why... oh and by the way... God is not mocked). Dad would be leading the convoy of two with the moving truck.

I was not about to leave that baby, so I took him with me. (No, not because I nursed him. I never nursed a baby in my life and I never will. THESE beauties shall not be used for that!) There were several young men from the nearby Job Corps on the bus, too. They were lively things, as you can imagine. Good natured. They didn't pester me or anything. In fact no one did. It was a fine bus ride, me and my baby. (By the way, I can count on one hand the number of times I've taken a bus in my life, so this was no small matter!)

About the time we hit Vegas, a conflict began. There was a snarly old fella on the bus who decided he wanted a smoke. One of the JC boys piped in (hehe.. piped in) and advised him that there was no smoking on the bus, and besides, there was a young baby on board and it was just not appropriate. He was very polite in his approach. The man replied, "Who's gonna stop me?" JC said, "Well I'll tell the bus driver." and the guy said, "No you won't because I'm gonna kick your ass." Then the fight started. But you know what was so cute? One of the JC boys rushed over to my seat and shielded my baby and me with his body so that no stray punch could bring us harm.

Anyway, the bus driver wound up throwing them all off the bus, which I though was hardly fair. However, he did have a job to do and he didn't have time to sort out "who started it," like a playground guard.

But those JC boys impressed me that day. They saved me and my little baby. They were my heroes.


Sugar Kane said...

I couldn't agree more. If you want me to take you seriously, leave a name.

ZoeyBella said...

Great story... never a dull day when you ride a bus :)

Jenn in Holland said...

Are you talking about your own anonymous comments or referring to something else? I only ask because I was just at soccer mom's place and she posted about the same sad thing today.
And I need to say about that I totally agree. Get out there with who you are. I do have friends from back home who have posted anonymously on my blog (because they are too lazy to register and get a blogger name?)but they always manage to identify themselves in the comment itself. So I haven't yet been plagued by rudeness from anons.

Also, must mention that THESE BEAUTIES of mine have been used by far too many babies. Not something I regret, but something that has definitely taken it's toll. :(

Yay for heroes on buses! Thanks for sharing the story!

Is this comment long enough for Brillig standards yet?

Diesel said...

Go JC boys! Jesus Christ would be proud. God is not mocked. Right?

BBC said...

Hi hon, geez, I haven't looked at your blog for ages, to be honest with you, I had forgotten about it.

There is so many of them and I only have time to watch a few of them.

Good old Ogden hey? I used to kick around there some when my Grandma lived there.

Hey, have a great day. Hugs

lady macleod said...

Don't you love it that there are people like that?! Great story.

cathouse teri said...

sugar baby: Ya, you'd think people would know that being nameless is a dumbfuck thing to do. I don't allow anony mouses at my blog, and it sometimes pisses off my friends and family who visit (when I force them to) because they want to comment, but they are not "internet-ers." I tell them to just sign up for g-mail or something simple, but noooooooooooooooooo that's just too much trouble! :)

Kitty Bella: I have just not had the opportunity. My life has been about driving places, not riding buses.

JennMiao: I didn't know about Soccer Mom's trouble with the mouses until you pointed it out. That was fucked up. Fuckin coward with no fuckin life. Fuck! hehehe

Monsieur Diesel: Indeed, He is not. No kidding. (I know everyone thinks I'm a kidder, but I'm not kidding about this.)

Born Before Christ Man: Ogden holds a special place in my heart. And my hard on.

Lady Meow: People like that make life so swell. We had been taught in our clean white mormom city that the JC boys were bad news. Not so on that day!

Brillig said...

Wow! What a story! He protected you with his body!!!! See, once in a while there's a gentleman out there... I have my hands full with my little boys right now. I just hope I can be the kind of mom who raises chivalrous men.

And now, thanks to Jenn, I feel like I should be writing something really long...

Anonymous said...

I love a man who is protective. I have yet to be married to a man who is protective of me, and I think that is why I did not enjoy sex with them

Adventures In Waitressing said...

That was a fantastic story. Though the one guy sounded like an ass. I am raising all boys and I wonder sometimes if they will use the manners that I repeatedly make them use on their own. Then one day they do it and I look at them in delight, that if I haven't managed to teach them anything, then I at least have taught them manners.

I decided, it has been a while, to introduce my son (who was three at the time) to my friends little girl. She was two. He helped her all day long. She has a speech impediment, he translated. Apparently Toddler is a language of its own. He also went to get her drinks, held her hand everywhere and even tried to feed her. Was the cutest thing I ever saw. I think he is going to be okay.

Just trying to keep up with Brill as well LOL

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Aw, there's a lot of good out there really.

Yeah, anon's piss me off no end, too.

Gunfighter said...

There are still men in the world that believe in honor, Teri!

Silver Dragon said...

Great story indeed. I'm sorry that the good guys got booted from the bus. I'm not against smoking (perhaps because I'm a smoker myself) but he fully knew the unwritten rules of smokers' etiquette and, as such, deserved to get beat down.

Jenn in Holland said...

Okay, then how about this little scenario-io-io.
A reader makes a comment using a blogger name, even signs his real name in the comment, but when you click on him to find out more about who he is and what actually makes him tick, you find that he is "profile not available." Is it just me, or does that bug too?

And CT, Wheeeeeeeere Aaaaaaaaare Yooooooou?
I miss you on holiday weekends.

Worker Mommy said...

I half contemplated signing out of blogger and commenting as anonymous just to start shit. But darn it all if you've taken away my pleasure...I mean that feature :)

Nice story about the JC boys!

cathouse teri said...

Kitty Brill: I am so much in the habit of standing and waiting for the door to be opened (this was my tactic in silently teaching my boys to open the door for their mother)that sometimes I forget and do it when with any man! I'm sure they find me to be quite presumptuous! :) One kid I used to take care of was very upset that I did that. He would open the door to a store and try to run through as fast as he could before having to let me through first. I'd say, "Get back here mister." He'd slump back and hold the door grudgingly. But he only did that a couple of times and then was happy to do it. Boys!

ba doozie: Too true. A woman who feels protected is much more happy to give her entire self over to a man.

Queen Waitress: If you notice, boys do have a natural tendency to be protective at a very early age.

Shrink Wrapped Kitty: Yes, I know there really are many gentlemen and heroes out there still. And I think they should get the attention they deserve.

Guntoter: Indeed, I never thought you to be anything but a believer in honor.

Silver One: Yes, smoking really wasn't the issue. In fact, I'm sure the smoke would not really have bothered the baby. But it bothered those boys that it might!

Jenn the Stalker: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Worker Kitty: I'm glad to have foiled your evil plans!