I'm Not a Retard

So today I have a migraine. This is the me that people see when they walk into my office. (I think I'll keep the sunglasses on all day long.)

Thought I'd post a little post about the littlies. (The word "littlies" comes to us by way of Rebecca. Hi Rebecca!)

The oldest of my littlies got married on June 19. He called and said, "Mom, I'm getting married!" I said, "Okay, honey." And so he did.

People might think it's foolish. I'm no big fan of marriage, as you all know. But sometimes it just makes sense. She is happy to be his wife and he is happy to be her husband. I stopped thinking in terms of forever a long, long time ago. (Forever ago, in fact!) So here is the darling couple.

And then, this is the princess (with her Bunny). She really is a princess. She is from the Maori tribe called Ngai Tahu. Her mommy is my beautiful Tiny.

And then there's Littlie Lexi and family.

I don't have a picture of the middle of my littlies. Well yeah, I probably do. It's a few years old and she's kinda hammered after driving all night from Southern Cali to Utah, but it's cute. (She ain't really into wearing real shoes. Even in the snow!)

All typos are to be forgiven. I have a headache. And I'm not a retard.


The Exception said...

I hope that your head feels better soon.

I arrived in my office this morning and now, 5 hours later, the door is still shut and locked. I am so not into dealing with the world that lies behind that locked door!

It looks like you have great kids!

cathouse teri said...

I do have great kids. I really really really really adore them. Along with their added family members.

Yeah, it's a fucked up world, but it's no more fucked up than it ever was. There's nothing new under the sun. It just might have a different flag flying over it.

So, life without new life would be unbearable.

I don't think this means EVERYONE should be having children. But somebody's gotta do it!

That's what I say.

Jami said...

No, there are LOTS of people who should not have children! Unfortunately, a lot of those people already have them, though.

That group obviously does not include you, of course. Or me.

Sorry about your head. Hopefully it will get better soon - at least before you resort to trying to cut it off.

I just started wondering about the word "retard". Does it mean you were once a "tard" and then changed to an "untard" but now you've relapsed back to being a "retard"? I know when I'm tard I take a nap.

Harmonica Man said...

Great family - all the way through and through. You should be proud. I'm only a few years from kid-in-laws and grandchildren. Yikes!

cathouse teri said...

Thanks, Harmie! Have fun with that future stuff. Just like it is with having children, having grandchildren is as awful as it is wonderful!

zog said...

*sigh* Your kids are gorgeous, and we know that with a centered, non-retard mom like you, they must be as cool as they are cute.

Did you know that migraines are a sign of brilliance and inner cool? I just made that up, since I have a migraine almost every day if I don't take my meds...and every other day if I do!

Be well.

Dr. Z

anno said...

Great pictures! What a beautiful, happy family!

Here's hoping that migraine passes quickly.

Brillig said...

Simply gorgeous. And that applies to everyone in every one of these photos, most especially you, our darling Teri. Yay for photo day! And I love your comment, "life without new life would be unbearable." Hope your head feels better!!!!!

Anonymous said...

well by golly, you did something right, and no you are not retarded, not even mildly!

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Well goodness me.. I finally get to see a close up of Teri. You look beautiful, as well as the rest of your family. You can tell you are one proud mama!

I hate migraines they suck ass. Hope yours disappears fast!

Rebecca said...

Hey - your littlies are all BEAUTIFUL!

Your oldest (son) is very handsome - and I reckon its cool to just get married like that...no need to make a big expensive, ridiculous hoo ha about it.

And princess (your granddaughter?) is gorgeous. Did your daughter meet her Dad in New Zealand?

And Tiny (your daughter? Princess's mum?) is stunning!

And Lexi is your granddaughter...cause I know that from your last post....

And your middle littlie is another stunner...

Lucky you! so many lovely littlies!

(and you didn't have to drag me over...I was coming anyway...your blog is on my daily rounds now!)

Rebecca said...

And I'm sorry about the headache...hope it goes away soon. And, no, you're not a retard.(though I'm rather partial to retards, myself!)

Jenn in Holland said...

I just want to say I love these photos!
And I hope you feel better!

Gunfighter said...

You have a good looking family, Teri.

I am certain that they get that from their mom!


Ms. Annie D said...

Lots of beautiful soulfulness in that face of yours, honey!

Just like you, my mom suffers with migraines and is the heart of her family ;-)