Georgia On My Mind

I was gonna say George, but I like Georgia better.

2020 Presidential Candidate Diesel McPhlanigan (I think that's the best last name for a Diesel) has got me thinking about voting. Well first Hillary and Bob Loblah (that one guy) got me thinking about voting.

I've been listening to chatter in the background. The things people say. It does often amaze me that people let such things pour out of their mouths. Sort of like the day I was attending a local Baptist gathering in Southern California, when I heard member after member shout the plaintive cry, "Why, oh why, do we have to let all of these Mexicans live in our country? And seriously, why would we have to educate their illegal children?" They were right. I think we should throw out every single person in the country who is of foreign descent. And if we can't, then the least we can do is make sure that their children are not in school, but on the streets where they belong! Oh wait. The Mexicans were here before we were. Or at least before I was! Dammit, now I have to leave! Or toss my children to the streets.

Yes, I'm sure Diesel's Jesus quote was very close, only I think it was more like, "You will always have the poor with you, but be sure you keep them out of your country."

It's good to be a Christian.

ANYWAY, sorry to have gotten off track. The chatter I've been hearing has been like this:

1. If you don't vote, that's fine (which it's not ~ anyone who doesn't vote will tell you that no one tells them that it's fine) but you will have no right to complain about the elected leaders!

2. The Dixie Chicks had no right to bad mouth the president. They voted, and the one they picked didn't win. They need to accept it and stop complaining!

So which is it? If you vote you don't get to complain or if you don't vote you don't get to complain? I'm thinking the message is, "Sit down and shut up!" Which is of course the most American of messages, right?

Silly me. I always thought the American message was to speak up.

Vote for Diesel


Jami said...

What they really mean is "You don't get to criticize the winner that I voted for ... because I'm always right."

Oh, and you NEVER get to criticize The Commander Guy. ;)

Crabby said...

YOU GO, CAT! I'm loving you more all the time.
What a woman!

cathouse teri said...

And what's not to love? ;)

Thanks, gals, for the support. You're just like a couple of great, beautiful bras!

BBC said...

Politics in this country is just a bunch of bullshit. Like I keep saying, life is like a can of mixed nuts, the big ones work their way to the top. And then they frigging lead us.

I would like to see a woman president, just not Hillery, she is just a man with a vagina.

I'm going to write in my name, or yours. :-)

Anonymous said...

you're only allowed to speak up if you agree with certain others

Sornie said...

I think that voting gives you every right to complain and criticize. And that is my quota of political speak until next month.

Diesel said...

I'm running for what now?

cathouse teri said...

Running for the short bus?
Running for the money?
Running for President?
Running and running and going nowhere fast?

(Are these all the same things?)

ZoeyBella said...

Heheh... I was going to say something witty, but then I saw the "great bras" comment... nice! ;)

ZoeyBella said...

Just for the record on snoring... as long as you don't decide to spoon up behind me, or move into the townhouse next to me and for some strange reason snore against the wall, then snore all you want :P

cathouse teri said...

Haha... well believe me, I don't WANT to snore at all!

My sister and I are terrible snorers. Our poor men have to resort to things like earplugs!

I guess we must have some other things that outweigh the most terrible of sleeping plagues.

ZoeyBella said...

ah... my mind begins to wander...

Real Life Drama Queen said...

I vote and I believe because I take the time to vote and hopefully put a decent person in office that I reserve the right to Bitch. But hey, I bitch all the time. If I am talking about the Pres or electoral canidates, it is just a different topic to bitch about.

YOU ROCK!! as always Teri!!

Fourier Analyst said...

Funny thing is, The "majority" did not elect GWB, the electoral college did. But that didn't stop the rants against the Dixie Chicks. Fortunately, you can't keep a good woman/women down. They are more popular than ever here in Europe!

Jami said...

Just call me "Ms. Purple Satin Deep Plunge Lightly Padded Push-up Underwired Demi-cup".

All the greats snore, you know ... well ... you and me, anyway.

cathouse teri said...

Doozie, you got that right!

Sornie! Nice to see you! I'll look for the politics of next month.. lol

DQ: Well you go girl!

Fourier A: Yes, the system has a few flaws. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Dixie Chicks album. Or, maybe it's not so new any more.. lol

Jammies: Of COURSE you are of the satin purple ilk!

Diesel said...

Actually, the majority DID elect him the 2nd time. So don't blame it on the electoral college.

cathouse teri said...

Well there ya go... see why Diesel needs to be the Prez?

Don said...

I was going to say something but really don't want to hear all the shit. I'm just totally tired of it.

soccer mom in denial said...

Can my dust bunnies run for president? They have more brains then the current one.

I agree that you have to at least vote (and not for an American Idol) to complain. But then if you did vote for the *sshole, you need to own up to it. Kind of like hiring a bad employee. Own the mistake and FIRE the idiot.

Oh! How does one go about firing a president? Ummmm.... impeach?

Brad K. said...

About the Dixie Chicks. Except for Texans, it doesn't seem that 80% of the American people really disagree all that much any more.

But I served in the US Navy. And it seems to me that making a statement against the President, overseas, from an entertainment stage, ignores a lot of lessons learned. Natalie's statement surely created confusion among allies, weakened the President's ability to serve and protect America. She also increased the probability that foreign forces would shoot and kill American soldiers, and increased the number of Americans in uniform and civilian that would be killed overseas.

There are ways to prosecute attacks and complaints about our government that don't endanger American service men and women. The Dixie Chicks didn't use one of them.

Oh, and in the Navy the Chief would frequently tells us, ".. So you have nothing to complain about." What a load. In my experience, there is no end at all to the ability of anyone to complain. No one else is capable of discerning whether I have a complaint to make.

I would like to see the Mexican issue dealt with directly. Invite the northern tier of Mexican states to join the US, enforce English as the national language. At least the fence would be shorter. And we have to levy a 50% duty on money transferred from the US by non-citizens. We have to stop rewarding Mexico for all these refugees. Yes, refugees. 4 people violating a border are illegal aliens. 10 million people turned from their homes and fleeing to a foreign land are refugees. And what is the US doing about the human rights violations that Mexico uses to shove those refugees from their homes across our border? Nothing yet. No wonder there hasn't been a solution -- Mexico keeps getting richer from the refugees, and has no interest in slowing the trend. Sounds like hostile, enemy action to me, a deliberate aggressive action taken to rob the US for Mexico's gain.