Tutu Me, Tutu You

Hey peeps! To enter the tiny tutu contest
Click Here

And give some love to Tutu Fantasy while you're at it!

While I'm at it, I'll tell you about my weekend. Well maybe not. I mean, after all that cuteness, I shouldn't talk about fucking. *wink*


Sugar Kane said...

hmm, I wonder if I could get away with wearing a tutu like that? They are lovely!

Brillig said...

Hahaha. I linked up to this on my site too. Oh, how I *ahem* I mean Fluffy would love this!

Can't wait to hear about your weekend... I think...

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Welcome Back!

jessabean said...

Fuck the tutus. I want to hear about your fuck-tastic weekend! :)

jessabean said...

P.S. The tutus are cute, though. I like the bunny one.

cathouse teri said...

You gals are tu tu funny!

Diesel said...


Jenn in Holland said...

I am always snubbed in these contests since I don't have that necessary US shipping address.

But I am in NEEEEEED of hearing about the weekend.

Maisha said...

im a color freak so i like the first one more.

but im with jessabean on this one.i want to know all about the fuck-tastic weekend u had.

i wish mine was...:(

The Exception said...

Glad you are back.

Okay, spill it!

cathouse teri said...

Well, I did a lot of fucking! A LOT of fucking! And a little eating, sleeping and bathing, which is also somewhat sexual (if you do them right).

Let's see. Did I mention fucking?

I think we did it on a train.
I think we did it in the rain.
I think we did it in a box.
But we didn't do it with a fox.
On the hood of the car.
In the back of the movie theatre.
On the floor.
On the counter.
On the table.
At the beach.

(We only had four days, are you guys believing we did all this?)