Warning: Do not read this post if you don't like pornography!

So, Purrty Jami and I were talking about body shots. The conversation ranged from jello shots to the generic (hardly generic!) salt and lime with tequila body shots I enjoyed with a few fellas in Park City. NO, I won't be relating that story here.

But all of this really started when I showed Jami a picture of my rack. I've had many requests for a picture of my rack, so for your entertainment (and you didn't even have to ask!) here it is:

Yes, I love my rack. It's very useful, as you can see. Holds my microwave. It's important to be able to heat things up! And it's also very pretty, when adorned with flowers.

The truth is, though, that this really really all started when I sent Purrty Jami (whom I also refer to as Jammie or Jammies) a close-up photo, via text messaging, of my bosom. This picture was entitled, "Jammie Shirt," because I purchased this shirt in the Jammies department but I wear it as a shirt in public! Can you imagine that! I had also shared photos of my feet, face and hand with Our Miss Jenn of Holland on another day. So Jami and I decided to start a new blogging trend. You know, you've heard of Soap Opera Sunday (SOS) and Wordless Wednesday (WW) and Half Nekkid Thursday (HNT) ~ well... this is Body Shots Tuesday! (You can get drunk for this, too, if you like ~ isn't that nice of me to give you permission ~ or, as I like to say, purrrrrrrmission!)

Without further adieu, ladies and gentleman, in the soon-to-be tradition of BST, here is my "Jammie Shirt!"

AND this is my last-friday-shirt, sometimes called "The Oo La La Shirt."

Now, while I was wearing the last-friday-shirt, I drove to Southern California. I was there to get laid. And to move out of my place I've been renting down there. Not necessarily in that order, but yes, it was in that order. Now it's true I can get laid anywhere, ne c'est pas? But not like that! Non non, mon ami!

(Don't start answering me en Francais! I don't speak French!)

Anyway, the point is that I moved out of yet ANOTHER place. My boyfriend met me two years ago. I have moved eight times since then. I think. Seriously, I've lost count. He has never once said, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

But no matter how many times I move, I have this feeling of melancholy on that last day of departure. There is a line in a song from the movie, "Evita," which always comes to mind at that moment and I feel exactly like that. In fact, I feel like that whole song. So I'm posting the lyrics here. If I was smart like you guys, I would just put the fucking song here, but noooooooooooooooooooooooooo... it's two a.m. and I just don't feel like figuring that out now.

Another Suitcase in Another Hall

I don't expect my love affairs to last for long
Never fool myself that my dreams will come true
Being used to trouble I anticipate it
But all the same I hate it -- wouldn't you?

Time and time again I've said that I don't care
That I'm immune to gloom, that I'm hard through and through
But every time it matters all my words desert me
So anyone can hurt me--and they do

Call in three months time and I'll be fine I know
Well maybe not that fine, but I'll survive anyhow
I won't recall the names and places of each sad occasion
But that's no consolation--here and now
So what happens now?

Another suitcase in another hall
Take your picture off another wall
You'll get by, you always have before

Where am I going to?

(My blues-y lounging picture while listening to and pondering the song.)

Now we can only hope that our ladies mentioned above will follow suit, and then the rest of you, I would expect!

Get creative! Don't do dumb "rack shots" like Teri did on the first day!

*Update: So Miss Jenn found some YouTube videos of the song. You can view either or both or neither! It's up to you to figure out which one is so very expressive of the serious melancholy mood I was trying to share. I had to let Jenn advise me how to embed them. Yes, we were embedding at two a.m.! We got pretty turned on.

(There are no racks in the second video.)


Jenn in Holland said...

Hahahahahaha! Is that a direct challenge to show my boobs on the blog?
Soooooooooo funny Teri.
And I love your rack. You are hilarious when you are blogging at 2:00 a.m.

By the by, that's like one of my favorite songs from EVITA. With or without a video, I love it.

To start, as always, my hand is over there----->
That's a Body Shot start!

cathouse teri said...

Good start, body shots Jenn!

*Hi-Fives your hand, Todd style*

Jenn in Holland said...

haha! I really liked embedding with you!

cathouse teri said...

I get that a lot. *wink*

Jami said...

Did Jenn drop the book when you hi-5d her?

OK, so now I have to do a body shot, too? I guess I need to get started then. If I have trouble, can you help me embed?

Mike said...

Nice rack Teri and I think ... I see a nipple. I see many women in those jammie shirts. Would never have known they were for sleeping in.

cathouse teri said...

Ha ha.. yes, I believe she did drop the school book, several times since I've known her.
I will help you embed anytime, darlin.

Mikey: Well the shirts are not ALL Jammie shirts. They do sell them as regular shirts too. The clothing world likes to mix and match ... that way no one can tell when we're out in our Jammies!

anno said...

Between the rack shots and the embedded YouTube videos, you & Miss Jenn are playing way out of my league today.

I'm just going to sit on the sidelines here, sip my bourbon, and watch, ok?

cathouse teri said...

Bourbon goes good with rack shots, eh? :)

Crabby said...

Love that song from Evita.

So this would be BST not to be confused with HNT?

I'd love to show my rack but my camera doesn't have that powerful of a zoom.

Damn bust exercises are a farce!

The Exception said...

I love that song as well. I used to move quite frequently - that little sadness when closing the door for the last time is one I know well.

Body shots? Would I lose my G rating?

cathouse teri said...

Crabby: Bust exercises will help you keep what you have, but won't do much for making something that ain't there!

Exceptional One: You'd only lose your G rating if you post something that is not a G picture! Eek!

You could do your bandaged finger, like Jami did. :)

The Lazy Iguana said...

I do not have a "rack" so to speak. And if I did it would be gross man boobs that nobody wants to look at or think about.

I get around this by seeking out racks owned by other people, but that I am allowed to play with. That seems to work well. When it works out.

Brillig said...

Oh. MY. Holy. Crap. You are so freakin' hilarious. HAHAHAHA.

And here's my body shot--> Yup. Right there. My profile pic. My eyes. That's all you're gettin', babe.

Shanshu said...

BST sounds like a great idea! I will have to be sure to always "swing" by on Tuesdays to check out your rack. Er...your your body shot...of your


Nice pics.


Diesel said...

I'm going to start putting that warning at the top of all my posts, just for the hell of it.

Sornie said...

All I can say is amazing rack. It seems so useful. Not many people would think of doing that with their rack. By that, of course, I mean perching a microwave on it. Come on, what did you think I was referring to?

Dan said...

Oh my!!! Lovely! You went from hiding behind a fan to ... um ... to THIS.

I can't wait until next Tuesday! Whew!

Keshi said...

hell I love my rack too! ;-)

Nice one Teri...HOT HOTT!


Gunfighter said...

You have a splendid bosom, Teri.


"So what happens now?"

"Another suitcase in another hall"

"What happens now"

"Take your picture off another wall"

"Where am I going to?"

"You'll get by, you always have before"

"Where am I going to?"

"Don't ask anymore!"

This is my favorite songe from the play and movie.

BBC said...

When I had my parts house in Duchesne I really enjoyed going to Park City.

There is a great ribs place there.

As for your rack, well, I know nothing about that. A nice rack is nice, but it's your soul, spirit, that I'm more interested in. Hugs.

cathouse teri said...

Lazy Iggy: I'll say a special prayer for you and your search for the willing rack.

Kitty Brill: Well a shot's a shot, right? ;)

Shanshu: Thanks! I'll see you on Tuesdays!

Diesel: I think everyone should.

Sornie: I think I can practically put a microwave on my "rack!"

Dan: I'm sure it will take until next Tuesday for you to cool off!

Keshi: Yeah, mine turns me on all day long!

Thanks Guntoter! Yeah, I love the song, obviously. I'm concerned that no one is watching the hilarious video I have at the end of the post, though. It is definitely worth it!

BBC: I'll see if I can't capture a picture of my soul for ya. Oh wait! That's what my words are!

The Lazy Iguana said...

For some reason, I sort of like smaller racks. As opposed to triple Ds. Is that normal?

Callie said...

Nice rack!


I will also be swinging by on Tuesdays. Sadly, I don't think I'll be participating. At least, not until I can get the computer child proofed. LOL!!!

cathouse teri said...

Iggy: It's cause you're just a little guy. :) Of course, not everyone likes the Mae West type of woman. I wear a D-cup, and I can't imagine triple D's!!!

Callie: You silly darling. It doesn't have to be R-rated! (Although I believe my photos are PG-13 at best.) But we look forward to seeing you around!

SConfid said...

Wow! Great rack! Almost as good as The Exception's!

So where did you get the PJ shirt?

cathouse teri said...

Sconfid: Almost? Hey, when did she show off her rack? I got the PJ shirt at Target, I think.

SConfid said...

It was on the "Too Easy" post (, but she apparently took it down!

She also appears on the Animal Mind blog (

Not that I'm a fan or anything!

Maybe you two should have a "rack-off".

cathouse teri said...

Naw, you're right. Mine's only "almost" as nice as hers!

As for a rack-off, I'm not really into competition. I'm happy to give her the crown!

Nice body, Ms E!

Emma Sometimes said...

hehe, love that you can set your microwave on your rack. You are so darn talented..hehe.

Thanks for the laugh...

Rebecca said...

...a very very enviable cleavage Teri.... and what a gorgeously young looking decolletage (I love that word) you have.

"Rack" doesn't have the same double-meaning here as it obviously does in the states - a rack is just...a shelf... so I was a little confused to begin. Reading blogs is certainly getting me up to date with the American vernacular!

The Exception said...

Yes, someone is in trouble! ;)

I so can not compete with you!

Hey, Wombat is discussing Love here - I thought you might be interested in the conversation and have something to add.

anno said...

I think your rack was just too darn distRACKting. Loved the last video - especially that moment where he managed a sultry pull on his cigarette. Amazing. Just amazing.

cathouse teri said...

Em: It's a real trick to get a microwave on your rack!

Rebecca: Yes, I use decolletage every chance I get, too! :)

Ms E: You need to give SOMEONE a spankin! (take pictures)

Anno: The video is pure brilliance! Plain and simple!

Memphis Steve said...

I've only just got here and already I'm impressed with what I'm seeing. :)

cathouse teri said...

Memphis Steve: Welcome! You're so easy. :)

Memphis Steve said...

That's true, I am. But how did you know?

cathouse teri said...

'Cause I like 'em easy.

SilverSfr said...

Just found you but I love the "rack" and d├ęcolletage and the "pondering" in the blues-y lounging picture.

And of course who wouldn't enjoy two ladies embedding!

cathouse teri said...

Wel, welcome stranger!

Liquid said...


cathouse teri said...