Good Stuff, Maynard

Okay, apparently they couldn't fit it onto one. (??) What the fuck do I know. I'm the retard, remember? Still worth it, even pieced together. I dun-wanna-nuther YouTube window here. So here's the thingy. (Say, "Thanks, retard." And then say, "Good night, Gracie.")


Adventures In Waitressing said...

Great Music. LOVED it!

Goodnight Gracie!

Jami said...

Um ... is Gracie the second hot chick? You got a third yet? Who's selling the tickets for those who'll be watching - Amazon or eBay?

LOVED the music too!

cathouse teri said...

Thanks Lovely Waitress Lady! You're so good at following orders!

Purty Jami: Yeah, Gracie Allen is the second hot chick. Now I just have to come up with two other old ladies for the fantasy. Maybe they will be dead, too!

BBC said...

Shit, I can't do Utube as I'm on a modem and can't get affordable high speed internet here.

I could afford to get high speed I guess but I prefer to have car insurance, pay my bills, and be responsible in other ways.

As for your other post, my parents were married in Salt Lake City. He was a Cook, She was a Thompson. He was a Mormon, she was a Catholic. They were both idiots.

If we did go to church it was to a Catholic church. Um, I hate that fucking religion.

cathouse teri said...

I hate all fucking religions. No wait, I like FUCKING religions. I just don't like religion. :)

As for me.. I'm on a FUCKING mission!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness this clip took me back to dancing around my living room as a little girl, smokey caveaus in Paris in my 20s, waaaayyyyyy out of my suburban office in Michigan as I nag my ds to get his chores done. THANKS!

anno said...

Curses! From the comments, I am missing out on great music and a pretty good video, too, and here I am, bandwidth challenged until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Until later...

cathouse teri said...

How weird, my own comment to Jen didn't show up.

ANYWAY... I said,

I'm glad it made you smile, Jen!

And Anno, I'm sorry you can't hear it. It's so great. I'm gonna go listen again right now!

It's "Compared to What" by Les McCann with Eddie Harris

Rebecca said...

Groovy music teri - got me and Jimmy dancing all the way down under.

thankyou I can't say it.

Goodnight Gracie!

Jami said...

Organized formal patriarchal religion - bad.
Disorganized informal fucking religion - good.

cathouse teri said...

Rebecca: How cute, you can't call me a retard. :)

Purrty Jami: Maybe I should start saying that I only like disorganized religion!